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 Skaven Campaign (Brainstorming)

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PostSubject: Skaven Campaign (Brainstorming)   Wed 4 May 2011 - 7:13


Has someone an idea to make a (short) story-campaign around the isle-of-blood-skaven? I would like to do some brainstorming for a new special event.

The campaign should have around 2 to 6 szenarios and at least 3 players (but they can differ between scenarios, because i don't expect all could attend all games).
Nearly all Skaven modells should appear in the game (i am looking forward hearing ideas für the weapon teams).

It can be designed for experienced warbands.

- Story: an invasion of a small Clan, which underestimated the commulated power of the factions in the city
- Skaven-Overlord like in "Descent". The Skaven gets only a handful modells and gains every round additional points for upgrades, new troops, traps etc.
- the first szenario could be an invasion/Breaktrough, where the skaven rush through and the warbands just have to slow him down. The earlier he gets through , the more points he will get in later szenarios
- perhaps some kind of King of the Hill or the last stand
- hit & run Szenarios to weaken the skaven-army (perhaps assassinate skaven leaders...)
- limited resources for the warbands, all OOA-Modells miss everytime at least one szenario to recover, because the skaven presure hard and the time between fights is very small. No searching for rares, perhaps no recruiting during the campaign, but afterr the campaign (if the warbands win) they can loot the skaven warcamp...

perhaps the campagin could take place in Talabheim during the WHRPG-Adventure "Terror in Talabheim"...

what do you think. Has this idea potential? Can you build a cool campaign out of it?

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PostSubject: Re: Skaven Campaign (Brainstorming)   Wed 4 May 2011 - 8:01

Interesting, I like the idea. The weapon teams and most of the weapons can be drawn from the revised Clan Skyre list. Pathfinder Dubstyles was working on a warband...

The mortar would have to be adapted.
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Skaven Campaign (Brainstorming)
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