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 Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)

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PostSubject: Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)   Wed 4 May 2011 - 0:11

After our Halloween event was organized by Appolyon i prepared a special scenario for Easter.

Three warbands were ready to fight unknowing of the events waiting for them.
Appolyon bandits of the Reikwald Forest
a bunch dwarven treasure hunter
and a band of grim Druchii

An old skinny man approached them and asks for the rescue of his beloved daughter. Some days ago there was a great fire, which destroyed some of the houses and the local temple of sigmar. A witchhunter who roamed the vicinity came soon, to investigate the happenings. Shortly after he found the daughter of the old man guilty of causing this accident. He proclaimed she would be a witch and she brought the misfortune to the village. The Witchhunter planned to burn the witch and arrange the preparing of a stake.

The warbands gathered just in time as the witchhunter started his sermon about the crimes of the Girl.

It was evident that the villagers wouldn't attack the warbands until they would disturb the Execution. It was common that watchers coming to an Execution.
But if they wait too long or enter the platform with the stake, the witchhunter will surely set the stake on fire and the girl will burn.

They rescuing parties approach cautious, but they perceived the other warbands as the greatest threat. Every one wanted the reward for himself.

The dwarfs sensed in the sprouting conflict between bandits and elves their chance and marched in dwarfen style directly between the gazers to the stake.
The bandits perceived their tactic and started firing in the peasants. After a brief moment of panic the witchhunter gained control over the people and made them attack the aggressors. With staves, shovels and pitchforks they charged the warbands.

The dwarfs raged like furies between the poor peasants and caused a huge blood toll on them. But in the long run the overwhelming number of villager was too much for the small band of dwarves and they had to rout soon (12 rolled on the first rout-test).

Soon after the retrieval of the dwarves it goes to an end. The witchhunter set the stake ablaze and ordered the peasants to engage the other troublemakers.
The druchii stayed unperturbed and fired their bolts at everyone they could target without distinction of bandits, flagellants or villager.
On the other hand the moral of the bandits sunk drastically as they got further pressed by the townsfolk and lost some of their men because of the elves. With the flames catching the clothing of the girl they decided it was time to leave the scene.
Only the Druchii wanted more blood for caine and more slaves for themselves.

But a dreadful cry sounded in the night. Druchii, Bandits and Dwarfs who were still close by could see a horrible spectacle.
The girl burst free of here bonds. With a gigantic leap she jumped at her tormentor. Her outline become blurred as she snap his head off. After that she ran away with enormous steps.

After this baleful events the Dwarves regathered themselves and rebuked themselves of their mistake. They helped a mutant escape from his rightful punishment. A grave misdeed, which they had to correct. On the spot they started their hunt for this monster.
The bandits become queasy, too, as they witnessed the death of the witchhunter. One superstitious bandit convinced the group that they would call the rage of sigmar upon them if they don't do something. It was one thing to rob people for money, but a whole other thing to rescue a monster which destroyed a temple of sigmar.
So their begun to search for the creature, too.
Only the Dark Elves stayed untouched by the events. As soon they knew the girl escaped they thought they had successfully finished their mission and searched for the old man for their reward. But the old man had disappeared. The Druchii swore they would find the old man and torture him to death and the girl will become a new pet for the beastmaster.

After a short search all warbands found a cave near the village. The trail leads direct into the cave.

Cautious the dwarves approach the entrance. Yet the dark elves didn't care for the entrance and started eliminating the other warbands.
After some bolts failed to do damage and the bandits stunned one elf with their arrows in return, the bandits suggested a treaty until they knew what was going on here.
The Druchii willingly accepted.
Because of this struggle it seems that only the dwarfs registered the rabbits which emerged from there holes.

Without hesitating the dwarfs attacked the rabbits, because for the dwarfs these cuddly animal were really suspicious.
The Druchii willingly broke the treaty, fired at all available targets and suggest afterwards a new treaty.
The angered Bandits tighten there negotiating position with many arrows.
Undisturbed the rabbits jovially hobbled towards the nearest bandits and dwarves only to assault the necks of the warriors with an infernal glow in their eyes.
Alone one rabbit cared touchingly for one of their one, which was badly hit by a dwarf. It bit his throat, meanwhile more rabbits appeared.
And even from the Cave entrance something appeared - a dreadful monster which resembled a giant rabbit. Only pieces of cloak gave away that this being was the girl, which they once tried to rescue.

The dwarves felt approved in there assumption, that these rabbits mean nothing good and continued their fight against the fluffy waves. The elves took the chance and moved to a better position, while the bandits fought a bitter battle against the furry enemies.

One Slayer took his chance and heroically assaulted the monster, while the noble hesitated (fear test with 11). Two mighty slashes with the axes of the slayer cause the beast heavy injuries (2 attacks, cause 2 Crits with each 2 Wounds...). But the Rabbit though heavy crippled is not defeated (the players didn't know the stats T4 W5) and stomped the slayer into the ground with his hind legs (OOA).
The Druchii see their chance and tried to make use of the chaos and shoot the beast with a volley of bolts. The bandits fight pride but had to abandon the field against the growing tides of furries.
Another slayer tries to follow the example of the first, but he failed to defeat the beast and shared the same fate.
The druchii now fully aware of the danger from the rabbits attack them with full strength and archive the victory over the beast.

But instead caring for their wounded the Druchii continued fighting against the tattered dwarves and caused them to retreat. In the cave the elves found 12 Morsstones. As the other warbands returned some time later they only found in the small rabbit holes some stones, which the elves had left (each band found 2 stones).

At all it was a fun event with tasty chocolate rabbits as enemies.

And thanks to RationalLemming for reviewing my report.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)   Wed 4 May 2011 - 4:01

Sounds like a lot of fun! I like how you incorporated a reasonable story around the special themed scenarios. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)   Wed 4 May 2011 - 8:08

Thanks for the report! It looks like a great game and tasty too.
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)   Fri 13 May 2011 - 15:31

Dude, nice plot twist, with the girl ACTUALLY being a monster. CLASSY. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)   

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Our Easter Hunt (the Gong Hey Fat Choy scenario)
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