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 Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger

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PostSubject: Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger   Fri 29 Apr 2011 - 9:42

(no idea what the cost/rating on this guy is, as he's a bit unlike most other DPs out there. Does he sound worth taking?)

The most miserly Halfling in the entire Moot died years ago… but that didn’t stop his love of money! Hezekiah is a greed driven spirit, mechanically clinging on to what he did in his previous life- helping only those who paid him richly.
Hiring Cost: Xgc to hire. Once hired, he will aid the warband for one game, and then leave. Also, if the scenario played happens to be Haunted Gold, he will not help the warband- he refuses to fight but takes the money with him! Luckily, his X hiring fee is hidden on the board. If a player finds a Stash token, roll 1D6: on a 5+, it is really the hiring fee for Scudger!
May Be hired: Scudger will work for anyone with enough money.
Rating: Scudger adds X to your Warband rating.

Scudger 4 3 3 2 3 1 4 1 8
Equipment: A walking stick (counts as a club)
Skills: None. He knows the unique spell, “Hostile Takeover”.
Undead: Scudger is Undead. He causes Fear, is Immune to Psychology, Immune to Poison, and treats all rolls of “Stunned” as “Knocked Down”.
Barely There: Scudger is extremely hard to kill. He is immune to all normal missile fire. In addition, if wounded in Hand to Hand Combat, all Wounds are prevented on an unmodified roll of 3+. The “Barely There” rule is ignored when hit by attacks of a holy nature (Blessed Bolts, Holy Water, Sigmarite Warhammer), or of a Magical Nature (Gromril, Ithilmar, Spells). He may be hit with magical or holy attacks as normal, and does not gain a save.
Bugger Off: At the start of any Combat Phase, Scudger may roll 1D6: on a roll of 4+ he has faded out of combat. The controller may immediately place him in any location between 1” and 3” away. He suffers no penalties for leaving combat. He may not use this ability if he is knocked down, and may not reappear into combat.

Hostile Takeover: Difficulty 7
The spell has a range of 12". Roll a D6 and add Scudger’s Leadership to the score. Then roll a D6 and add the target’s Leadership to the score. If Scudger beats his opponent’s score he gains control of the model until the start of your next Recovery Phase. Also, he may move the model an immediate 2D6” – if he leaves a combat with models from Scudger’s warband, they will not attack him as he leaves. The model may not commit suicide, but can attack models on his own side, and will not fight warriors from the Scudger’s warband. The possessed model is Immune to Psychology, but gains no other bonuses from Scudger. Also, while possessing the target, Scudger is removed from the board – he doesn’t count as a casualty, but he simply cannot be seen or attacked in any way. The possessed warrior is treated as a member of Scudger’s warband, and moves during Scudger’s turn.

Scudger must pass a Leadership test at the start of your Recovery Phase to keep the model possessed. If he passes, he remains in control until next turn. If he fails, Scudger is evicted from his host, and placed anywhere up to 3” away from the formerly possessed model. Scudger may attempt to cast “Hostile Takeover” during the same turn he was evicted, but he may not cast it against the model that just evicted him this turn. You may choose not to maintain the spell, in which case he appears 3” from the possessed model, and the possessed model returns to normal.

Likewise, if the model that Scudger controls is taken out of action, Scudger is forcefully evicted from model- he is placed anywhere within 3” of the model. He must also immediately roll for Injury- this injury does not get the “Barely There” bonus.

Scudger may only control one person at a time. If he successful casts “Hostile Takeover” (rolling the Difficutly and beating the target’s Leadership), and he is currently in control of a body, he immediately jumps from one body to the next, and the former possessed model is back under the control of his owner.
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PostSubject: Re: Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger   Fri 29 Apr 2011 - 10:51

I really like this guy. thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger   Fri 29 Apr 2011 - 11:01

I'm seeing him as a random happening. He just shows up to fight for a team for one battle then sticks around if you pay him. But can be bought off by enemies willing to pay more gold? This guy could be a lot of fun, but only in an easy-going group (which anyone playing Wee Wars better be!)
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PostSubject: Re: Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger   

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Wee War: the Former Hezekiah Scudger
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