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 Snot Fu Practitioner

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PostSubject: Snot Fu Practitioner   Sat 23 Apr 2011 - 0:27

Snot Fu Practitioner
Based on the Dragon Monks from Border Town Burning and parodying G Gundam (See the reference video below)
Formatting copied from Styrofoam King's Gnoblar Botcher (Thanks!)
20gc to hire, 10gc upkeep

"Dis hand of mines glows with an awesome power! It burns my grip and tells me to defeat you! Take this! My above, my angry-ness, and all my tomorrow! Burning Fist! Hi-ya!!!"
Reference Material
(Link to Youtube)

Snotlings enjoy mimicking others. They usually mimic their larger fellow greenskins, usually by picking But occasionally a Snotling decides to mimic more than one thing at a time. This often leads to painful and unfortunate results. But the Snotlings that survive form a strange blend of magic known to drunken merchant caravan guards as 'Snot Fu'. The surprisingly not-dead Snotlings have learned to focus a magical energy into their fist which they then use for devastating punches.

May be Hired: Any Snotling, Goblin, or Gnoblar Warband that do not have any Ogres, Orcs, or Trolls present.
Rating: A Snot Fu Practitioner increases the warband’s rating by +15 points plus 1 point for each Experience point he

Snot Fu Practitioners may learn Speed or Special Skills (See below)

4 3 3 2 2 1 4 2 8
Weapons & Armor: Snot Fu Practitioners do not use weapons, nor do they need one. They wear Snot Fu robes (see below)

Special rules:
Small Target: The Snot Fu Practitioner is small by human or most any standard. Enemies attempting to hit him with ranged attacks suffer a -1 to hit penalty. In addition when hiding models trying to spot him halve their spotting distance.

Snot Fu: Close combat attacks made by the Snot Fu Practititoner reduce the enemies armor save by 1 and are +1 to users strength. The Snot Fu Practitioner may also parry using his unarmed attack.

Burning Fist: The Snot Fu Practitioner may declare at the beginning of any of his combat phases that he will use Burning Fist instead of his normal attacks. This is a single attack that automatically strikes last, just like a two-handed weapon, but hits on a 2+, is resolved at +2 to strength and ignores all armor. This attack is a fire-based attack. If this attack misses the Snot Fu Practicioner is knocked down.

Snot Fu Robes: Snot Fu Robes are billowy robes that make the skinny snotling rather hard to hit. This grants the Snot Fu Practitioner a special 6+ save that is never modified. This save is ignored by spells that automatically hit or effects that hit an area.

Snot Fu Special Skills
Fist of Boom: The Snot Fu Practitioner may now may a ranged attack that ignores penalties for moving, long range, and cover. This attack has a range of 12" a Strength of 3 and reduced the targets armor save by 1. This is a fire based attack.
Mastery of Mind: The Snot Fu Practitioner is immune to Psychology and has their Leadership increased to 10.
Mastery of Body: The Snot Fu Practitioner is immune to Poisons and Drugs.
Mastery of Spirit: The Snot Fu Practitioner may ignore the effects of a spell on a 4+. This does not affect the spell from affecting other models.
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PostSubject: Re: Snot Fu Practitioner   Sat 23 Apr 2011 - 13:38

A fun idea. A few things:

Art of Silent Death - This skill (originally from Skaven) has pretty much become synonymous in Mordheim with Martial Arts. It grants the attacker unarmed attacks plus extra chance of critical hit. I'd either use it or something based off of it, as it will make him feel more tied into other kung fu models.

Robes - HE can call them robes, and they can have the same effect, but I think you need to poke fun at them. (Ex. "made from a thrown away silk hanky")

Magic - The idea of snots mimicking kung-fu kicks and such make SOME sense... the magic thing makes slightly less sense. The concept seems silly and comical- and then the execution seems dead serious. I suggestion you approach some of the special abilities / skills/ fluff from one of a few different ways:

snot it up: I'm not one for gross-out humor, but if it's Snot Fu, where's the Snot? That could be the source of his power- the ability to throw disgusting things at people, to the point that they wretch and dive for cover. (No effect on models that are immune to psych, of course.) "Burning Fist" could become "Flaming Bag of Unmentionable Content".

Waagh Magic : he could use a form of hth magic... if so, make it more Greenskin. Have it gain bonuses from nearby greenskins. Have it backfire. Instead of a Burning Fist, maybe it's a giant foot. Look at Orc and Goblin magic tables for inspiration.

LOOKS like Magic : what if "Burning Fist" was really a flaming bag full of gunpowder? to the silly snot, he THINKS he's pulling off kung fu magic moves... when really he's just throwing dangerous things around.

In general, Greenskins (especially Gobbos, and x2 with snotlings) are defined by three characteristics:
1. A dark comedy aspect (there's humor, though most of it is derived by pain.)
2. Inflated Egos - They are confident of their strength and self worth. Also, to a greenskin, everything they conceive is "brill!" They paint their meks red, ('cause they're skientiffacly proven to go faster), they have constant headbutting matches over top dog. They are vain at best, and delusional at their worst.
3. Randomness. Greenskins are all about "they're stronger than everyone else... but they don't work out like you expect them too.") Squigs hop about like crazy, trolls are stupid, henchmen squabble.

this list could use a little more of all three.
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Snot Fu Practitioner
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