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 Weapons, skills, and Wargear

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PostSubject: Weapons, skills, and Wargear   Fri 22 Apr 2011 - 21:28

Just out of curiosity, what do you as a player usually b-line for when it comes to Wargear, Skills, and Weapons?

I personally go for decent ranged weaponry, no matter what the warband is my comfort zone is having at least 3 bows.

For skills, I usually go for Mighty Blow and either dodge/step-aside
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons, skills, and Wargear   Sat 23 Apr 2011 - 10:28

Lightning Reflexes, Strike to Injure, Weapons Expert, Weapons Training are the first skills every hero (who has access to the respective lists, of course, but being Marienburger helps Wink) gets.
Equipment-wise, Lucky Charms and Rabbit's Feet are obligatory for everyone.
In regard to weapons, everything blackpowder - muskets, pistols, blunderbusses, Hochland muskets (being Marienburger helps again, or rolling lucky on the Exploration Chart Razz) for ranged, and a colourful mix of rapiers, axes, spears &c. for close combat.

Armour comes, too, as soon as there is enough money in the coffers - being Marienburger also helps with finding Gromril, of course Smile. And sooner or later, the blackpowder weapons all get supported with Superior Blackpowder (being Marienburger ... you get it, I guess Razz) - nothing like burning your gold into gunpowder smoke (and a formidable S5 musket salvo even takes down those pesky Possessed).
To get that gold in the first place, a Wyrdstone Pendulum, Tarot Cards and an Elven Ranger are on board every time (an Arabyan Merchant for selling stuff and maximising profits is optional, but also more rule than exception in my warbands).
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Weapons, skills, and Wargear
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