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 Lusignan Cyprus for DBA

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PostSubject: Lusignan Cyprus for DBA   Wed 13 Apr 2011 - 18:35

I've got lots of medieval (mid XIII century) miniatures from Legio Heroica. I've planned to use them as Holy Roman Empire for an Impetus system, but I realize that I wouldn't have anyone to play with, cause the bases are different. So I had use them for DBA instead. Sounds a bit sad, but it isn't Smile

I've choosen army of Cyprus. The choice was very difficult, cause in XIII century we have lots of interesting armies: France crush enemies with charges of knights. In England welsh longbow gets more and more use, Roman Empire is (as always) divided and their armies have everything. On Iberian Penisula Spaniards fight with saracens with strange mix of knights and light horse, Italia is divided between several major cities with communal armies and even Pope has his own (and he sometimes ride to battle in armour). But every of them have some drawback for me. I cannot symphatize enough with any.
As I was always great fan of arabian culture I've looked on Middle-East. Here brave and treacherous cusaders keep their own kingdom. In Kingdom of Lesser Armenia we have odd mixture of greek, bizantine, turkish, frankish and arab culture. And near the coast we have Cyprus. Whoa! Smile
Till end of XII century Cyprus was under Bizantine rule and Turks made constant raids on it. Then comes Richard the Lion Heart beat everyone, sold the islnald to Templars, who sold it to Guy of Lusignan. Yes, he is this evil king of Jeruslanem from "Kingdom of Heaven" Razz Fortunately for Cyprus he died 2 years after, his brother becomes the king and everyone was happy Smile

For me the most interesting factor is the choice of units. Cyprus is multicultural and franks doesn't change much. Exept making catholic clerics more important than bizantine ones, Moslem, Jewish, Greek and Frankish people live together in peace. So it was army.
We have heavy armoured knights as a elite. They are not as numerous as in other armies, but have turcopoles (cavalry recruited from catholic Arabs) to support.
The backbone of the army are crossbowmen. Sometimes almost half of army consisted of them. They serve in two verions: big units covering great area with constant fire and smaller groups of skirmishers. As a support they have some spearmen infantry. In both formations every nationality and religion appeares.
Great part are also pure muslim archers. They serve mostly as skirmishers.
At last we have mob of happy citizens so called Arriere-ban in french (feudal lord gives a call for every man able to carry arms).
Nice mix IMHO Smile

I've just started painting the army, so be patient Smile

Now I've got only 1 element of knights, 2 spears and 1 crossbow. And I recall, that they are 15mm high Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Lusignan Cyprus for DBA   Thu 4 Aug 2011 - 11:42

Very nice elements! Thanks for sharing!
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Lusignan Cyprus for DBA
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