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 Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109

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PostSubject: Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109   Sun 22 Jun 2008 - 8:00

Hi folks.

This is the baddest forum for tabletop gaming in the Warhammer World so you have my signatory. Thank you for playing the way you play.

My name is Stuart and I am a dedicated advocate for this campaign-based game system we love called Mordheim. Originally a Warhammer (2nd edition) and (Advanced) Heroquest gamer, I returned from post-adolescent sabbatical to the tabletop in 2000 and something, discovering the wonders of Forge World, Black Library, Warhammer Chronicles, the Wayfarer's Companion, and most importantly Mordheim.

After playing campaigns with the locals here in sunny England, my search for hobby satisfaction introduced me to the Euro-GT and some invaluable web services including Mordheimer and the Mordheim Yahoo Group. Along the road I was to stumble upon some inspired warband rules for the Battle Monks of Cathay which were accompanied by some ramblings in Reikspiel, but more on that in a moment.

At Euro-GT in 2006, I met a number of game-geeks with striking personalties and a passion for rolling dice. These included Lex Van Rooy, Rick Priestley and Ian Davies. In 2007 the latter named individual invited me to join a development group called 'Mordheim_2500', a group of 12x individuals including Mordheim rules commitee members, who had been tasked with the design of a Mordheim supplement for the Nemesis Crown summer campaign.

Antagonizing the likes of Ian and Andy along the way (really quite sorry guys, thanks for putting up with me) the Nemesis Crown project was quite an undertaking, and the deadlines were a nightmare. Were it not for my less than humble contributions (including a black-market preview copy of the Warhammer campaign pack) during a period of discontentment within the group then I dare say that the plane could have crashed. But it didn't crash, it was landed following my suggestion to invite a 13th member aboard in the form of Christian Templin. He was the saviour, so thanks Chris.

In the absence of a 2008 global event, I have dedicated my hobby time to support another Mordheim campaign setting in the grim & perilous Warhammer world. It's called Border Town Burning - hopefully you've heard of it and are planning on getting behind it! The brainchild of Cianty, this exciting supplement includes choice contributions which have utilised a mind-blowing array of published sources. Co-conspirators include 'vampire from space' Chris de la Rosa, and the venerable Rev Larney who was the scribe responsible for a great deal of amazing flavour text* in the Nemesis Crown supplement, and the creator of The Crone Forsees which you may know from the Letters of the Damned fanzine.

*A stash of unpublished campaign support material written by Rev for Nemesis Crown has yet to be released to the unsuspecting Mordheim public. This includes some rather groovy hand-outs.

My favourite race in the Warhammer world are the Northern tribes, specifically the Norse, and more specifically I collect, convert, sculpt and sometimes paint these for my failed Warhammer army - now a border patrol in a form of my warband of Skaelings.

I also like Elves.

My hometown is Poole (we have a battle bunker) and I live/work in the next town (now a city) over called Bournemouth. When not administrating private medical insurance, I like to write lyrics & music that can be played by a rock band formed with my friends (we're called 'The Skinny Skulls') and just geek-out as much as possible before real life takes me over...


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PostSubject: Re: Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109   Sun 22 Jun 2008 - 8:17

I'm glad you finally decided to join this indeed bad-ass forum, Stu! Great and extensive introduction.

I owe this guy a lot, folks, since he recommended me for and talked me into joining the Nemesis Crown development group which allowed me to get in touch with a number of top blokes of the Mordheim world. He really is the reason why I got back into tabletop gaming at all after almost two years of abstinence. Also his contributions to the BTB project are countless and invaluable so let's give him a hearty welcome as long as full moon is not shining yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109   Sun 22 Jun 2008 - 17:35

Oh My God, WELCOME ABOARD, I think Suspect !
Your background is just a tad overawing. I read through it a couple of time, & the "Oh my God" pretty much sums it up. I hope you enjoy your stay; you're an excellent addition to our little family.

I like Elves too; they're delicious, if properly prepared. thumbsup

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PostSubject: Re: Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109   Sun 22 Jun 2008 - 22:41

Welcome Welcome! Great intro, thanks for the background info on NC and BTB, i did not know any of the background story! Enjoy your stay,

See you around.
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PostSubject: Re: Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109   

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Looting the port of Marienburg since 1109
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