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 Wee War: Night-Goblin Off

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PostSubject: Wee War: Night-Goblin Off   Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 11:41

So, as I prep for the next setting, "the Wee War", I want to include lots of fun, new warbands... snotlings, gnoblars, halflings, etc. This includes Night Goblins: I definitely want to print a version of the NG's in the supplement. That being said, there are three Night Goblin warbands out there that I know of:

>Maltman's original NG band, as seen on Mordheimer
>Pathfinder's revamp
>Benjaminography's recent revamp of Pathfinder's warband.

I have not had the pleasure of playing any of the above, and was hoping for some feedback.

Likewise, to Pathfinder & Ben, I invite you describe your mission behind your version: what was your goal? What did you change and why? Have you had a chance to playtest it, and what were your results?

Of course, this is just a civil discussion... no need to turn this into a "my gobbos are teh win, yurs are teh suck". Laughing
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Wee War: Night-Goblin Off
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