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 Wee War Scenario: Custardy Last Stand!

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PostSubject: Wee War Scenario: Custardy Last Stand!   Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 11:17

Scenario: Custardy Last Stand
Based on “Last Orders”, by the Nemesis Crown & Border Town Burning Teams. Thanks!
Rolf Beckerschlan is the worst baker in the history of the Moot… but what he lacks in talent, he makes up for with bribery. Therefore, recently won the MootLoot Award for Best Custard Pie Special Medallion for the 6th Year in a Row… and many a Halfling is sick of it. They’ve decided to sneak into his infamous bakery (posing as guests on a tour) and steal his Special Medalion once and for all. Sadly, you’re not the only group to get the idea… and as soon as hostilities break out, Rolf stashed his medallion in one of his awful pies. If you want it, you’ll have to dig into each one and find it for yourself!
This battle takes place inside a large bakery. The layout of the bakery is ultimately down to the players and the terrain that they have available, although we would suggest the following: The battlefield should consist of 2-3 small (at least 10”x 10”, and not more than 18” x 18”) areas. Each area represents a level of the bakery. The “ground level” should be the kitchen itself, and should be relatively open, with an oven, a few tables and several chairs scattered around, stairs at one wall that lead to the upper level, and probably a fireplace. The “second level” (as well as a third level if you desire) should consist of a series of rooms off a main hallway. Each room should have a small amount of terrain (ex. a table), but keep the number of other furnishings to a minimum. Do not forget to include an area to represent the top of the stairs from below (and a set of stairs to the next level if you have one!).
Suitable floor-plans can be found at:
Border Town Burning: PDF2 (From Last Orders)
http://www.wqchronicles.com/boards/boards.htm (The food hall & the Alchemist’s Lab work best!)

Pies: Scattered about the bakery are 40 pies. Each one should have a marker to represent it. Small coins work wonderfully- especially because they have two distinct sides (heads for unsearched, tails for searched). (Note: 40 may seem like a lot, but each warrior can search 1 pie each turn, you’ll be through all of the pies by the second turn!)
Cooling Rack: On the ground floor, on opposite sides of the room, at two Cooling Racks. There is an additional Cooling Rack on each floor.

The player who determined this scenario shall be used may also choose how many and which additional players take part in the brawl. Rather than players fielding their full warbands we suggest a maximum of 30 models in a multiplayer scenario. In a multiplayer scenario each player randomly determines a Hero from his warband to take part in the scenario. On the second round of selection, each player randomly determines a non-animal Henchman This is alternated each until the maximum number of models is reached. Any mounts and vehicles must remain outside.

The warbands are scattered about the bakery when the trouble starts. Randomly determine which floor of the bakery each warband member begins on. Then each player takes turns placing each warrior in his warband. After all warband members have been placed, each will scatter 1D6” in a random direction (use whichever method you prefer to determine direction, but the dice Games Workshop makes for figuring things like this out are probably easiest!). Warriors will not scatter past the edge of the level they are on, but CAN scatter “through” walls into another room! Warriors may not be placed in hand-to-hand combat, but will stay 1” away from opponents. They may be placed in contact with one or more pies.

special rules
Diving Charges: Warriors may always attempt a Diving Charge from the tables and counters, irrespective of the height of the furniture. Stairs may also be used.

Unarmed: Thanks to any overzealous Ogre at the Coat check, all weapons have been confiscated for this game. Armour can be worn including helmets and shields. Miscellaneous equipment can be carried.

Weapons Amnesty: Due to the generally non-lethal nature of the weapons used in this fight, players should roll twice for Injury for each warrior taken out of action during the game, and choose the best result. Injuries for Heroes are rolled twice. In some cases, which result is determined to be the best may be something the player has to decide for himself!

Jump the Gun: In the first round of the game, each player may only move the warrior with the highest Initiatives in their warband. If there are any ties within the warband, the warriors roll off. These “early starters” are the only models that may move, charge, search pies, shoot, cast spells, or anything else. The other models may fight back in combat if attacked. All other models are motionless, and do not suffer Animosity, Frenzy, or anything else that would let them move. (Why is this rule here? To make sure everyone can search at least ONE pie.)

Pies & Prizes: As mentioned in the terrain, there should have 40 pie tokens on the board before start up. Each represents one of Rolf’s inedible custard pies… and hidden inside one of them is the Special Medallion he won.
At the end of the movement phase, the active player may have any number of models search a pie that it is in base contact with. Each model may only search one pie in any given Movement phase. Roll 2D6 on the following chart:

2-11 – Nothing but custard. There’s egg on your face now!
12 – The Special Medallion! Your warrior now carries it like a Wyrdstone token. If he is taken out of action, he drops it. He may not hand it off to other players.

There is only 1 Special Medallion per scenario, so once it is found, there is no reason to search pies any longer.

Once a pie has been searched, it may be discarded (removed from the game), carried (may only carry as many pies as the number of free hands), or thrown (see below.) A warrior may also pass a pie to another warrior (that is not in combat) at any point during their Movement phase.

Thrown Pies: Pies are also usefully as a quick projectile! Any player that is in contact with a pie or carrying a pie may throw one in the Shooting Phase, using the following rules:

Range: 6, Strength: As User, Special: Thrown Weapon, +1 Armor Save, One Use, Pie Thrower, Surprise!
Special Rules:
Thrown Weapon: There is no penalty for Moving and shooting, or for shooting over half range.
+1 Enemy Armor Save: Even the most inedible pies are poor at piercing chainmail. All enemies hit with a pie gain +1 Armor Save.
One Use: Each pie may be thrown only once. Hit or miss, that pie is discarded.
Pie Thrower: A model with the skill “Knife Thrower” or “Pies Away” (Halfling Chefs) may throw up to 3 Pies in any given shooting phase. Remember, however, that you can only search one pie per turn!
Surprise: While it is not advised, you may throw an unsearched pie. If you do, roll 2D6 as soon as it leaves your hand: on a roll of 12, you threw the pie with the Special Medallion! If it hit the target, the thrown pie is given a bonus +1 Strength, due to the hard metal under the crust. If the target is not taken out of action, the target immediately gets the Special Medallion. If the pie misses the target, the Medal scatters 1D6 inches in a random direction, falling harmlessly on the floor (or, if it hit someone, harmlessly at their feet.)

While not as effective, you may also use a pie in Hand to Hand combat. It uses these rules:

Range: Hand to Hand Combat. Strength: As User, Special: +1 Armor Save, One Use, Surprise!
Special Rules:
+1 Enemy Armor Save: Even the most inedible pies are poor at piercing chainmail. All enemies hit with a pie gain +1 Armor Save.
One Use: Each pie may be used only once, for a single attack. Hit or miss, the pie is discarded after its first attack.
Surprise!: While it is not advised, you may hit someone with an unsearched pie. If you do, roll 2D6 after declaring your attack: on a roll of 12, you wielded the pie with the Special Medallion! If it hit the target, the attack is given a bonus +1 Strength, due to the hard metal under the crust. If the attacked missed or it hit and the target was not taken out of action, the target immediately gets the Special Medallion.

Cooling Rack: (See set-up for placement.) At various points in the room are Cooling Racks, which contain additional pies. None of them will contain the Special Medallion, but they do provide an excellent source of ammunition. Each Movement phase, up to 2 warriors may pull out 2 pies each (i.e. 4 total per turn.) The Cooling Rack will not run out of pies for the duration of the Scenario. Remember, you cannot carry more pies than you have hands! As the pies from the rack cannot contain the Medallion, they do not suffer the rule “Surprise!”.

ending the game
The warriors have been indulging in the bakery's refreshments and are now very refreshed indeed! No Rout tests are necessary – the winner is the player with the last standing model. Any player may voluntarily rout if the excitement becomes too much. If a player routs, he leaves the Special Medallion on the floor behind him. If for any reason the game ends before all but one player has routed (ex. time constraints), the winner is the player that is holding the Special Medallion.

+1 Survives. If a Hero or a Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning warband gains +1 Experience.
+1 Per Enemy Out of Action. Any Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.
+1 Finding the Medallion: Any Hero or Henchman who finds the Medallion gets +1 Experience.

Post Game
The Special Medallion may be traded for 1D3+1 Golden Medals.
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Wee War Scenario: Custardy Last Stand!
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