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 Squig hopper racing

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PostSubject: Squig hopper racing   Mon 21 Feb 2011 - 4:28

Since building an arena as a part of the scenery for our Mordheim BTB campaign I got the idea for squig hopper racing. The idea is to run a quick race with squig hoppers where warbands can be there as audience. During the race they don';t take part in any way and it is the squigs that do the work, but it would be fun to let warbands place some bets and gaining or losing some income.

I came up with some prelimiary rules for squig hopper racing that I wanted to share with you guys. Of course you can play squig hopper racing out of the context of Mordheim but it is also fun to place it in some campaign or the other.

Ideas for expanding the rules:
- fights breaking out in the audience
- warband leaders fight amongst themselves when being cheated while betting
- cheat while betting
- ...
- ...

I put all info on my weblog concerning squig hopper racing (with more pics of the arena) but here's a direct link to the document containing the rules:

English version squig hopper racing
Dutch version squig hopper racing

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PostSubject: Re: Squig hopper racing   Mon 21 Feb 2011 - 6:37

Very cool! I'll sure check out the game at some stage, and the arena is pretty sweet, too.

Some Mordheim Meetup people also created a couple of Arena mini-games, be sure to check them out Wink

Arena Mini-Games
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Squig hopper racing
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