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 BtB: Daemonic steed (random event 54)

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PostSubject: BtB: Daemonic steed (random event 54)   Sat 19 Feb 2011 - 7:21


Last battle we rolled random event 54 'daemonic steed'. However, there does not seem to be such creature in the bestiary.
Using google we found some stats (writty by Tommy Punk) and used these.
However, since the steeds was 'broken and claimed' for my warband, I am looking for the correct stats for a 'daemonic steed'.

Is it the same as a 'chaos steed' (Empire in Flames) or is it a more exotic creature?
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PostSubject: Re: BtB: Daemonic steed (random event 54)   Sun 20 Feb 2011 - 7:04

Yes, use the rules in EiF for Chaos Steed.
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BtB: Daemonic steed (random event 54)
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