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 BTB - Maglah Khan Dramatis Personae

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PostSubject: BTB - Maglah Khan Dramatis Personae   Sun 21 Nov 2010 - 19:12

Hi Cianty,

Maglah Khan is a DP that can be hired by Beastmen. Hobgoblin Scouts Hired Swords cannot be hired by Beastmen. The rules for Maglah Khan say that he must be hired together with two to five Hobgoblin Scout Hired Swords. Can you please let me know which of the following is true...

  1. This is an exception to the rule for normal Hobgoblin Scout Hired Swords and so Hobgoblin Scout Hired Swords can only be hired by Beastmen when Maglah Khan joins a Beastmen warband (this raises another question around whether one Hobgoblin Scout Hired Sword is allowed to hang around after Maglah Khan leaves as per the current wording of the rules).
  2. The rules for Hobgoblin Scouts wrong and they can be hired by Beastmen.
  3. The rules for Maglah Khan wrong and he cannot be hired by Beastmen.

Personally I prefer option 3 above but I'm biased against the two strong Beastmen warbands in our current campaign. Wink


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BTB - Maglah Khan Dramatis Personae
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