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 Wee War: Hired Swords

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PostSubject: Wee War: Hired Swords   Fri 19 Nov 2010 - 8:01

The following Hired Swords, and ONLY the following Hired Swords are permitted in
a Wee War setting. The exception is that you may include any hired swords that
are accepted by your group AND are "small" (goblin, Halfling, gnoblar, etc.)
The Averlander is NOT a "small" hired sword, but as a neighbor to the Moot, it
makes sense that a single human may be available for hire.

LARGE Hired Swords: Your warband may include an Ogre Bodyguard (see Rulebook),
an Ogre Slaver (posted below), or a similar Large model hired sword ONLY if it
doesn't include a Large model already (such as an ogre, troll, etc.) If you
later on purchase a full time Large model, the Large Hired Sword will leave the
warband. Models riding ordinary, 1-wounded mounts do NOT prevent you from
having a Large hired sword (ex. The Squig Hopper).


Averlander Bergjaeger
20 gold crowns to hire +10 gold crowns upkeep
The Bergjaeger are trappers and rangers from the mountains that surround the
Black Fire pass. They are experts at moving silently through terrain and are
used as scouts. In addition they make good use of animal traps to delay or
divide a group of enemies. Bergjager are not professional soldiers and rely more
on stealth and cunning than a strong sword-arm to survive.
May be Hired: Any human or warband may hire a Berjaeger. He may not be hired by
chaos warbands.
Rating: A Berjaeger increases a warband's rating by +12 points, plus 1 point
for each Experience point the has.

Berjaeger 4 2 4 3 3 1 3 1 7

Weapons/Armour: Bergjaeger is equipped with a hammer, an axe, and a dagger. He
is also armed with a Longbow. He wears Leather Armor.
Set Traps: Bergjaeger are expert trappers and hunters and these skills can be
put to great use in any location. A Bergjaeger may set a trap if he spends a
turn doing nothing else (he may not set traps if he's just recovered from being
Knocked Down). Place a marker in base contact with the Bergjager. When a model,
friend or foe, moves within 2" of the marker he risks setting off the trap –
roll a D6. On a score of 3+ he has triggered the trap and suffers a S4 hit (note
that the Bergjager won't trigger his own traps). If the trap did not wound the
model or it didn't trigger, the `victim' may finish his move otherwise he is
placed knocked Down or Stunned 2" from the marker. Regardless whether the trap
was triggered or not, the marker is removed.

SKILLS: A Berjaeger Hired Sword may learn from Shooting or Speed skills. In
addition, it may learn from the following special skills:
INFILTRATE: See Skaven warband for rules.
Master Trapper: The Berjaeger may place up to six trap counters on the board
immediately after the Berjaeger model is placed. They must be placed at ground
level with at least 6" between them. Any model (except the Berjaeger) that moves
within 3" of a trap counter must roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3, nothing happens.
On a 4-6, the model takes a single hit automatically at the strength shown on
the dice. The trap counter is then removed. A single model can only set off one
trap at a time. He may not place a trap within 6" of an existing trap.


Halfling Knight
20 gold crowns to hire +10 gold crowns upkeep
While few and far between as they are, it is not unheard of for a halfling to
strive for a little more renown then their common ilk are bred for. Those that
hear the call for glory rise up as knights among these little folk, venturing
forth to fight evil wherever it may be.
May be Hired: Any good aligned warband may hire a Halfling Knight.
Rating: A Halfling Knight increases a warband's rating by +12 points, plus 1
point for each Experience point the has.

Knight 4 3 3 2 2 1 4 1 9
Hound 5* 4 0 4 3 1 4 1 5

*reduced movement due to barding

Equipment: Cavalry spear, sword, heavy armour, helmet, shield, hound, barding
Special Rules:
Not So Large: Even though he is mounted, a Halfling Knight is not so tall as to
tower over most models. He does NOT count as a large model.
Slay Large Creature: A Halfling Knight, when charging a Large sized creature,
gains +1S (this is in addition to the +1S he gains simply for charging with a
cavalry spear).
Skills: A Halfling Knight may choose from Combat and Speed skills when he gains
a new skill

25 gold crowns to hire +special upkeep
Halflings are well known for their nimble feet and even nimbler fingers. They
never take anything too valuable (except by accident). Nonetheless, it is
surprising the number of things that go missing when a Halfling is about. The
poor fellows don't know they're doing it half the time! They just seem to
acquire rings, tinderboxes and small pets as they go about their business.
Thieves excel at making themselves inconspicuous. With their small stature,
unassuming manner and predilection for walking barefooted, a Halfling Thief is
the master of sneakiness, sticky-fingers, and feigned innocence. Having one
around is always a dicey situation at best as you're always certain that the
other warriors are going to come up a few crowns light by the end of an
May be Hired: Any Halfling warband may hire a Halfling Thief, unless it already
has one.
Rating: A Halfling Thief increases the warband's rating by +14 points, plus 1
point for each Experience point he has.

Thief 4 2 4 2 2 1 4 1 8

Equipment: A Halfling Thief is equipped with rope & grapple, a sword, dagger,
and throwing daggers.
Skills: A Halfling Thief may choose from the Speed and Shooting skills when he
gains a new skill. In addition, there are skills unique to Halfling Thieves as
detailed below, which he can choose instead of normal skills.
Uneasy Ally: At the end of each (whether or not the Halfling Thief actually took
part), roll a D6 and consult the following chart.
D6 Result
1 Stop Thief!: Unimpressed with his employment, the Thief has absconded with all
the warband's valuables! Remove the Thief from your roster, along with all
Treasures and valuables in your stash from previous games. Do not add additional
Treasures for having the Thief in your warband this game.
2-5 Tax Time: The Halfling Thief seems satisfied thus far, and just charges his
normal fee of 15 gold crowns upkeep.
6 Ignorance is Bliss: Satisfied with the take so far, the Thief forgoes any
upkeep charges on your warband. And whatever he's filched you never knew you
Infiltration: A Halfling Thief can infiltrate. See the Skaven special skill of
the same name.
Pick Locks: A Thief knows how to open doors that others find impossible. When
testing to open a locked door, the Thief just needs to make an Initiative test
in order to be successful.
Cutpurse: A Thief makes his profession by finding items others have lost. At the
end of the game when the warband rolls to find Treasures, they receive one
additional Treasure as long as the Thief was in the battle, and wasn't taken out
of action.
Looter: The Thief is an expert in finding valuables on a victim before moving
on. If the Thief takes any warriors of the enemy warband out of action (and he
was not taken out of action himself), the Thief's warband receives one
additional Treasure, in addition to the normal +1 Treasure he already adds
through his Cutpurse special rule. This does not affect the opposing warband's
number of Treasures.
Stealthy: The Halfling Thief can hide even after running, and can run while
within 8" of enemy models if he starts and ends his move hidden.

15 gold crowns to hire +5 gold crowns upkeep Halflings are diminutive creatures,
generally more concerned with the timing of their next meal (or two) than with
military pursuits. They range from three to four feet tall, and are neither very
strong nor tough, but are naturally good shots and steadfast in the face of
danger. Some Halflings are more adventurous than others, however, and these bold
spirits are much sought after by mercenary bands, for they are splendid archers,
and excellent cooks to boot.
May be Hired: Any warband except Evil or Greenskin warbands may a Halfling
Rating: A Halfling Scout increases the warband's rating by +5 points, plus 1
point for eachExperience point he has.
Scout 4 2 4 2 2 1 4 1 8

Equipment: Bow, dagger and a cooking pot (counts as a helmet).
Skills: A Halfling may choose from Speed and Shooting skills when he gains a new
Cook: Halflings are renowned for their cooking skills. A warband with a Halfling
Scout may increase
its maximum size by +1, as warriors from all around are attracted by the smell
of great food! Note that this does not increase the maximum number of Heroes you
may have. This has no affect on a warband that already has a Halfling Cook
(Halflings, Halfling Chefs.)

25gc to hire, 10 gc upkeep
The chief deity in the Moot is the worship of Esmeralda, the goddess of hearth
and home. That does not mean, however, that the occasional world-traveling
Halfling doesn't return home, only to have become a devout priest to Sigmar.
These individuals are tolerated by the Halfling population, who would prefer not
to have the black clad priests popping around their front doors every week… and
always, it seems, during lunch time. If anything, it appears that the vicars
believe less in converting than masses than in scoring a few free meals.
May be Hired: Any warband except Evil or Greenskin warbands may a Halfling
Rating: A Halfling Vicar increases the warband's rating by +10 points, plus 1
point for each Experience point he has.
Scout 4 2 4 2 3 1 4 1 9

Equipment: Short Bow, hammer, and a dagger (most likely a butter knife!). He
has a healthy level of fat that gives him a 6+ save, as if he had light armor.
Skills: A Halfling vicar may choose from Academic skills when he gains a new
skill. He may also learn a Prayer from the Prayers of Sigmar prayer list
instead of learning a skill.
Priest: The Vicar is a priest, and starts with two prayers chosen at random
from the Prayers of Sigmar prayer list.
Mostly Pacifistic: The Vicar is not a violent Halfling by nature. He will
fight in combat, but treats all opponents as causing Fear. This rule is waived
if he sees a fellow teammate in trouble- if a friendly model is knocked or
stunned and is in combat, the Vicar may charge any of the opposing models in
that combat without making a fear test, as he is eager to help his fellow man
Small Fish, Small Pond: The Vicar will only join a warband that does not have
another prayer or spell caster. If you gain a spell or prayer caster and do not
wish to get rid of it, the vicar will leave during the next postgame phase.

45 gold crowns to hire +20 gold crowns upkeep
The Eastern Steppe is home to the tribes of nomadic Hobgoblins. Ruled by the
Khans, these Hobgoblins travel the Steppes on wolf back, looking for good
pillaging. Related to the Hobgoblins of the Chaos Dwarf towers, these nomads are
sometimes hired by the diminutive Chaos Dwarfs to act as scouts for their raids,
spying out the land, and locating prime spots to ambush. After the Hobgoblins
turned traitor on their fellow greenskins at the tower of Zharr Naggrund, they
have enjoyed the favour in those parched lands, the only thing that has kept
them safe from the vengeance of Orc tribes.
May be Hired: Goblin warbands may hire a Hobgoblin Scout.
Rating: A Hobgoblin Scout increases the warband's rating by +19 points, plus 1
point for each Experience point he has.
Hobgoblin 4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6
Wolf 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 4

Weapons/Armour: Dagger, shortbow, shield. A Hobgoblin Scout rides a Giant Wolf.
Skills: A Hobgoblin Scout may choose from Shooting and Riding skills when he
gains a new skill. In addition, there are a couple of skills unique to a
Hobgoblin Scout as detailed below, which he can choose instead of normal skills.
Ride: A Hobgoblin Scout has the Ride Giant Wolf skill.
Loner: The Scout has become so used to being alone on the Steppes that it has
become accustomed to its own company. The Scout may never use the warband
leaders Ld for any tests. In addition, the Scout never counts as all alone and
may operate independently throughout the game.
Traitor: Due to the treacherous treatment the Hobgoblins have shown towards
their greenskin cousins, the Hobgoblin is subject to the hatred of all greenskin
races (Orcs & Goblins and Black Orcs) and a warband that hires the Scout may
never take anyother greenskin Hired Swords. (His hirers may be able to see
beyond it, but doubtful if others will be so open minded!)
Spy: Before the battle commences but after deployment, the player controlling
the Hobgoblin Scout may re-deploy D3 models (not including the Scout), using the
normal deployment rules. If the player chooses not to do this, then the Scout
may be set up anywhere on the board that is not within 18" of any enemy model.
Potshot: Living in the saddle teaches a Scout to hunt by drawing his shortbow
while moving at full pelt. The Scout may fire a bow when running with a -2 to
hit modifier.

By Dennis Montera
It's tough being a goblin, especially if you feel you have talent. The orcs
don't take you seriously, the other goblins are always starting fights, and
there is the continual threat of being fed to the trolls. Occasionally, a smart
goblin will go off and try to earn a living. If he is lucky, he might actually
survive for a while. Freelance goblins have found many jobs around Mordheim. Of
most use to the many warbands of Mordheim are goblin lantern bearers. For a very
small fee, the hired goblin will carry a lantern around the ruins of Mordheim
and try to find those pesky hidden enemies.
Hire fee: 15 gold crowns to hire +5 gold crowns upkeep
Rating: A Goblin Lantern Bearer increases the warband's rating by +5 points plus
1 point for each experience point he has.
Who May Hire: Any non-Halfling warband may hire a Lantern Bearer.

Bearer 4 2 3 3 3 1 4 1 5

Equipment: Lantern, Dagger
Smart (for a goblin): The Goblin Lantern Bearer has survived partially on his
brains. Being one of the smarter from the litter, he does not suffer from
animosity as most goblins do.
Very Lucky: The Goblin Lantern Bearer has survived for some time by his luck. If
the goblin is taken out of action during the game, roll for his injuries with
the following results:
1 – Lost
2-6 – Survives.
Small Size: Due to their small size, Goblin Lantern Bearers can fit into very
small spaces. If the goblin is not taken out of action during the fight, then
they can help in the search for wyrdstone. When rolling for wyrdstone, roll dice
as normal for the warband. The Goblin Lantern Bearer adds +3 to the total dice
roll when determining the number of shards found (i.e. if the dice total is 15,
then add +3 for a total of 18, and thus 4 shards found instead of 3).
Skills: A Goblin Lantern Bearer may choose skills from the Speed list.
Note: the following is a HOUSE RULE that our group has applied to lanterns. You
may choose to implement it as you see fit:
Lantern Glow: If playing with darkness rules, any model within 12" of a Lantern
bearer is considered "visible". This applies to both friendly and enemy models.
Of course, the normal rules for finding hidden models applies as normal.

50gc to hire, 20gc upkeep

Squig herding is a tough and dangerous business, and the few Night Goblins who
survive long enough to get good at it are covered with enough scars and bite
marks that their original features are no longer discernable. A few of the
bravest or craziest herders, however, will go one step further, and attempt to
ride the Squigs into battle. This is less of a mount and more of a one-animal
stampede. The squig moves as squig wants, and all the Goblin can do is hang on
for dear life!

May be hired by: Da Mob, Black Orcs, Forest Goblins, Night Goblins.
Unreleased Warbands: May also be hired by JAFisher44's Ogre Warband, and by
RamRock's /StyrofoamKing's Snotling Warband.

A Squig Hopper increases your warband rating by 21 points, +1 point for each

Hopper 4 2 3 3 3 1 2 1 5
Squig 2D6" 4 0 5 3 1 5 2 2

Equipment: Carries a club or axe (choose at purchase) and a shield.
Skills: A Squig Hopper may learn Combat or Cavalry skills. Any skills learned
apply only to the rider, not to the Squig.

MOVEMENT Each movement phase, during the compulsory movement phase, nominate a
direction and roll 2 - 1D6" dice, keeping track which of them is the 'first'
dice. The first dice is how far the squig leaps. This move bounces over opposing
man-sized models, including enemies, and obstacles 1" high, without penalty, and
also carries the hopper over gaps. The second dice shows the creatures second
bounce, which is slightly lower to the ground. It also moves without penalty and
ignores terrain obstacles 1", but if it comes into contact with an enemy or
friendly model, it will stop and attack it; this counts as a charge. If the two
dice comes up a double, randomly determine a direction: the squig performs its
two bounces in that direction instead of the one you chose.
Once the squig bounces in contact with a model, the Squig will attack as
described below and bounce off again. Roll for a random direction, and move the
Squig Hopper again in the same way. Continue to bounce the Squig Hopper and
continue to attack until it fails to land on a model.
If a Squig's bouncing takes into a river or lake, both the rider and the squig
sink like a stone! The same applies to a squig that bounces off the board: it is
considered out of action (do not roll for injury for going off the board.)
PSYCHOLOGY: The Squig is completely immune to psychology, and it, not the rider,
determines the movements of the pair. The Goblin rider is immune to All Alone
and Animosity. If the Goblin fails a Fear Test when charging a Fear causing
model, the Squig moves and attacks as normal, and the rider is at 6's to hit.
FIGHTING: Whenever the Squig bounces in contact with a model (friend or foe), it
immediately attacks, following the normal order of attacks. The rider must
attack if it comes into contact with an enemy model, but may choose not to
against allies or NPCs. Roll to hit and damage as normal. Once the Squig and the
Rider make all their attacks, the squig bounces off, before the defender fights
back. The only way the defender is allowed to attack is if he has any attacks
that strike before either the charging squig or goblin, through the normal means
(Lightning Reflexes, Whipcrack, Spear, etc.) When bouncing, the creature leaves
combat without penalty. If the squig bounces into more than one model in a
turn, the squig attacks each time, but the rider may not exceed his normal
number of attacks each turn.
CHARGING: Charging and attacking a Squig Hopper is treated exactly like
attacking a normal mounted model. Once engaged in hand-to-hand combat, a Hopper
is pinned to the ground and may not hop until it flees or until all engaged
opponents are taken out of action.
SHOOTING: Squig Hoppers are treated as normal cavalry when hit with missile
fire. Remember that being mounted grants the Rider a +1 armor save in shooting
and in Hand to Hand.
MOUNTED: The Squig Hopper follows all of the normal rules for mounts as listed
in the 'Empire in Flames' mounted section. The Hunter is treated as already
having the skill 'Ride Squig' (not that it shows!) The exception is that the
rider may never voluntarily dismount the squig, nor may it be led.

Apply the Spurs: The rider may, after rolling for movement, dig in the spurs.
This will cause the Squig to bounce an additional 1D6", for a second hop close
to the ground. However, if this dice roll is the same as either of the dice
rolled this turn, then the final 1D6" is in a random direction. For example: if
your first bounce was 6", and the second is a 1", if you apply the spurs and
roll a 1 or 6, the third bounce is wild. You may only apply the spurs once per
High Bounce: Roll for 2D6" for movement as normal, but the Squig leaps over any
models and 2" terrain in a single bound. If it lands exactly on a model, it
attacks it as normal. You must declare you are using this skill at the beginning
of your movement phase before rolling any dice, and applies to all bouncing this
turn. May be used with 'Apply the Spurs', although ANY doubles results in a wild
3D6" high bounce.

Cost: 15 Upkeep 5
Originally a form of reconnaissance, the Doom Divers (also known as `Bat-winged
loonies') are witless Goblins that are strapped to a catapult with crude leather
wings strapped to their wings. The wings are not capable of giving the diver the
ability to fly, but they grant him some resemblance of steering as he plummets
to the ground. Outside of battle, a few goblins actually try the wings without
the catapult, gliding from rooftop, or diving bombing themselves into an enemy

Increases the rating by +5, plus +1 per experience point.

May be Hired by: Da Mob Orcs, Forest Goblins, and Black Orcs.
Unofficial Warbands: May also be hired by JAFisher44 Ogre Warband, and by
RamRock's/ StyrofoamKing's Snotling Warband.

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 5

Equipment: Head Spike, Two Daggers, Leather Wings, Hook and Rope
Skills: The Goblin may learn from the Combat and Speed list.

Animosity See the Orc Warband.
Head Spike: A head mounted spike. When charging (from the air or land) the
Goblin may use the head spike instead of normal weapons. It provides +1 Strength
in the first round of combat. It may not be used with an additional hand weapon.
In further rounds of combat, the Doom Diver may switch to his daggers.
Leather Wings: The goblin is equipped with a pair of feathered or bat-like
wings. The wings are not strong enough to allow the goblin to fly in the proper
sense, but they do allow the goblin to glide down from an elevated position. If
the goblin is above the table-top surface (on a roof, walkway, etc.) it may
glide down at a rate of 2" horizontally for each inch of downward vertical
movement. It may make a normal walk move before or after gliding (it may move
before and after gliding, but may not charge and may not walk more than normal
movement, i.e. 4").
Diving: When making diving charges, the goblin may make charges against any
model within Glide range (see rules above)... measure the distance after
declaring the charge. He may also attempt diving charges from heights higher 6".
If the charge fails (out of charge range, fails Initiative test,) he is
considered to have fallen from the full height that he is diving from. The
goblin is required to take only one Initiative test for the entire Diving
Charge, rather than once test per 2".
Fearless: When making Diving Charges, the model is Immune to Psychology. A
vampire's a little less scary when the fall's gonna kill ya first...

'Catapult Crafter' : From a few scraps of wood and rope, the Doom Diver has
trained himself to construct simple launchers. If the Doom Diver is set-up
within your warband's normal deployment zone and at ground level, you may have
the Doom Diver be launched 3D6" directly upwards. From that height, the Doom
Diver may attempt to glide or diving charge as normal, as if he was gliding or
diving from a building of that height. The Catapult has only enough strength to
launch the doom diver once per game. The diver cannot move before being

Reminder, each warband may only have ONE Large Model at a time.

90 gold crowns to hire +35 gold crowns upkeep
In remote stretches of the world Ogre Slavers are a common enough sight. The
practice of slavery is flourishing amongst certain ruthless Ogres with one
purpose in mind: capture men who will be forced to fight for them. Ogre
slavemasters take prisoners as bounty from ambushes whenever cowering foes
surrender. Though none could yet lay claim to the infamy of the `Corpse-slaver'
Braugh Slavelord, all Ogre Slavers are fearfully respected by those fiends who
dare to do business with them.
May be Hired: by Goblin & Gnoblar warbands that do not already have a Large
Rating: The Slaver increases your warband rating by +40 points, plus 1 point for
each Experience point he has.

Slaver 6 3 2 4 4 3 4 2 7

Equipment: Axe, club, light armour, and a collection of chains.
Fear: Ogres are large, threatening creatures that cause fear. See the Psychology
section for details.
Large Target: Ogres are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.
Skills: An Ogre may choose from Combat and Strength skills when he gains new
Capture: At the start of each battle nominate one of your opponent's Heroes as
the Slaver's mark. This works like a Bounty Hunter's mark, except that instead
of earning a reward after the battle has ended, the captured mark belongs to the
Slaver. The Slaver gets +1 to hit his mark and must always move towards them. He
gains +D3 Experience for each mark he puts out of action if he survives and the
battle was won. After the battle do not roll on the Serious Injuries chart,
marks count as captured. Unlike the Bounty Hunter skill no reward is earned for
capturing the mark. Any weapons can be kept by the warband or sold.
Chains: A mark works for the Slaver's warband and must always remain within 8"
of him, due to a chain shackled to him held fast by the Slaver. If the Slaver is
holding onto chains he can only use one weapon.
Escape: If the Slaver is taken out of action and none of the Slaver's warband
members are within 8" then his marks will automatically run for the nearest
table edge, in the hope of returning to its original warband. If a mark ever
comes within 8" of its original warband, then it is instantly controlled by the
original owner of the mark. If the Slaver is taken out of action in a battle and
a mark is within 8" of
another warrior from the Slaver's warband, themark will charge the closest model
from that warband in range. Treat the mark as having hatred.

80 gold crowns to hire +30 gold crowns upkeep

Ogres are large, brutish creatures, standing some ten feet tall, and all of it
bone and muscle. For this reason they are much in demand as bodyguards and
mercenaries, despite their lack of brains. A warband backed up by an Ogre makes
a fearsome enemy, since Ogres are extremely dangerous fighters and a terrifying
sight to behold when enraged. They happily accept any employer, as they are
notoriously unbothered about who they fight for.
May be Hired: Any warband except Skaven may hire an Ogre Bodyguard. A warband
that already has a Large model may not hire an Ogre.
Rating: An Ogre Bodyguard increases the warband's rating by +25 points, plus 1
point for each Experience point he has.

Ogre 6 3 2 4 4 3 3 2 7

Weapons/Armour: Either two swords, axes or clubs (or any mix of them), or a
double-handed weapon (you may choose which). Bodyguards wear light armour.
Fear: Ogres are large, threatening creatures that cause fear. See the Psychology
section for details.
Large Target: Ogres are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.
Skills: An Ogre may choose from Combat and Strength skills when he gains new

EXOTIC HIRED SWORDS (Technically, these are HIGHLY unlikely to show up in the
Moot… that being said, if they were to show up, it'd be fair.)

Based on the work of Tommy Punk & Rick Martin
15gc to hire, +5 crowns Upkeep.
A diminutive human, that bears not the strength of the Old Worlder humans, nor
the bravery of the Halflings of the Moot. However, they have shown an
indomitable spirit none-the-less, surviving for millennia against the savage
fury of the Lizardmen, and the calculating cunning of the Dark Elves. On the
outside, they appear primitive and simple, but who knows what intricate cultures
they have woven in their secret camps, hidden amongst the fronds and forests of
the New World?

May be hired: Pygmies may hire and upkeep a Pygmy hunter at base price. Any
group of humans, or halflings may hire them as well, but pay 10gc upkeep instead
of 5gc.

Rating: A Pygmy Hunter increases the rating by +5 points plus 1 point for each
Experience point he has.

Pygmy 4 3 4 2 2 1 4 1 7

Weapons: 1 spear, a shield, two daggers, a blowpipe, a rabbit's foot.
Special Rules:
Forester: The Pygmy moves through jungle and wood terrain without penalty.
Poisoned Spear: The Spear has a Poisoned tip, which counts as +1 Strength to all
models that are not Immune to Poison.

Blowpipe Poisons
Range: 8" Strength: 1 Save: +1
Stealthy: May fire while hidden. The target model may take an Initiative test to
spot the firing model, in which case, the model is no longer hidden.
Poison: Each dart the Pygmy fires is coated with a poison on your choice. Any
model that is immune to Poison is immune the Blowpipe poisons. If immune, the
Blowpipe attack counts as a normal S1 attack, with the above rules. Choose one
of the following poisons before each shot:
-Black Lotus: See the default 'Poison' rules for the Blowpipe, as listed in the
Skaven Warband.
-Purple Fog: Each time the target is hit by a dart, the model is at -1
Initiative, to a minimum of 1. This affect still happens even if the model is
not wounded, or if the blow is saved. The effect is cumulative, and only avoided
if the blow is avoided (Lucky Charm, Dodge, Fey Quickness.)
-Sleeping Potion: The dart counts as having Strength 3, and has +1 added to all
Injury rolls. However, any model taken out of action with the sleeping potion
does not roll for Injury in the Post-game phase, as they were merely knocked

Skills: The Pygmy may learn Shooting, Speed, and Pygmy Special Skills.
Max Stats: A Pygmy has the same max stats as a Halfling.

Stealthy- The Pygmy hunter may start the game Hiding.

Infiltrate- See Skaven Skill

Poison Dart Maker: Whenever a Pygmy takes 'Poison Dart Maker' as a skill (and
he's allowed to take it more than once), he chooses one of the following Poison
types as a new type of possible ammunition. If the Pygmy takes the skill again,
he may choose an additional type of poison dart, increasing his variety of
ammunition even further. As a reminder, any model that is immune to Poison is
immune the Blowpipe effects. Note that a dart may never have more than one type
of poison on it.

~Poison Arrow Frog Dart- Each time the target is hit by a dart, the model is at
-1 Movement, to a minimum of 2. This affect still happens even if the model is
not wounded, or if the blow is saved. The effect is cumulative, and only avoided
if the blow is avoided (Lucky Charm, Dodge, Fey Quickness.)

~Starpod Poison: Each time the target is hit by a dart on a natural roll of 6,
the model is at -1 Strength, to a minimum of 1, for the rest of the game. This
affect still happens even if the model is not wounded, or if the blow is saved.
The effect is cumulative, and only avoided if the blow is avoided (Lucky Charm,
Dodge, Fey Quickness.)

~Sea Urchin Poison: Each time the target is hit by a dart on a natural roll of
6, the model is at -1 Attack, to a minimum of 1, for the remainder of the game.
This affect still happens even if the model is not wounded, or if the blow is
saved. The effect is cumulative, and only avoided if the blow is avoided (Lucky
Charm, Dodge, Fey Quickness.)

~Idiotoad Poison [by MyLittlePwny]: Enemies hit by the blowpipe on a natural 6
to hit will be affected by the Idiotoad Poison and must take an unmodified
toughness save (no drug bonuses). If the model fails this save, he/she suffers
from stupidity for the duration of the battle.

70 gold crowns to hire +12 gold crowns upkeep
Chameleon Skinks are an incredibly rare breed of Skink that can change the
colour of their skins at will to blend in with their environment. Needless to
say Chameleon Skinks are very stealthy and difficult to detect indeed.
May be hired: Lizardmen or Skink warbands may hire a Chameleon Skink. A Pygmy
warband may hire a Chameleon, but it costs them an upkeep of 20gc.
Rating: The Chameleon Skink raises the rating of the warband by 16 points, plus
1 point for each Experience point he has.
Chameloen 6 4 4 4 2 1 5 1 7

Equipment: Dagger, blowpipe with poison darts and a buckler.
Skills: The Chameleon Skink may choose from Shooting and Speed skills whenever
he gains a new skill. In addition, there is a skill unique to Lizardmen as
detailed below, which he can choose instead of normal skills.
Chameleon Skin: Chameleon Skink's foes halve their Initiative when trying to
detect him when hidden. In addition Chameleon Skinks are at -2 to hit with
missile fire.
Infiltration: A Chameleon Skink can infiltrate. See the Skaven special skill of
the same name.
Scaly Skin: A Chameleon Skink has an armour save of 6+ naturally due to their
thick scales. This
armour save cannot be modified due to Strength modifiers but any injury result
or special effect which specifies that no armour save is allowed will negate the
armour save.
Cold Blooded: A Chameleon Skink may roll 3D6 and select the lowest two dice when
taking a psychology test.
Aquatic: Skinks may move through water terrain with no penalty, and count as
being in cover whilst they are in the water.
Jungle-born: Skinks can move through jungle terrain without penalty.
Great Hunter: The Chameleon Skink is adept at making the most of the cover
available. This imposes an additional -1 to hit if the Skink is in cover,
meaning a -2 to hit penalty is applied instead.

100 gold crowns to hire, +35 gold crowns to upkeep.
[Note: While not a 'Large Model" in the same sense as an Ogre, a warband may not
have a Zoat and a Large model like an Ogre… he's big enough!]

Zoats are reptilian creatures found in the Southlands and in Lustria, but were
never completely enveloped into the plans of the Old Ones. Before the
appearance of chaos, these solitary beings were generally ignored by the
Lizardmen societies, and left to wander about as they willed. But since the
collapse of the Northern Gate, the Slann have taken a more zealous approach
towards anything 'outside' the Old Ones' machinations. The Zoats have been
hunted down, till they are nearly extinct. However, the Zoats can live for
hundreds of years, and have gained more experience on avoiding capture than an
entire city of skinks and sauruses. Perhaps what disturbs the Slann the most is
that the Zoats are one of the few other creatures in the world that communicate
solely with their minds... do they fear that their 'godlike' position will being

May be Hired: By Amazons & Pygmies. Skinks and Halfling Rangers may hire one,
but pay 35 gc in upkeep. You may not hire one if you already have a Large model
(like a Kroxigor or a Treekin.)
Rating: A Zoat increases the warband's rating by +30 points, +1 point for each
additional experience he has.

Zoat 7 5 3 4 4 3 5 1(+1) 7

Weapons/Armor: Either a doubled handed weapon, or a combination of Mace and
Shield (you may choose which upon hiring.)
Special Rules:
Cold Blooded: For any Leadership test, the Zoat rolls 3D6 and discards the
highest result.
Scaly Skin: Has a natural save of 5+. This cannot be reduced below 6+ by
Strength modifiers, but any result of "no save" on the injury chart will negate
this 6+ save. A shields adds +1 to the save.

Stomp: The Zoat has a stomp attack, in addition to its normal weapon attack. The
Stomp attack suffers no penalty for being unarmed. Unlike a Saurus bite attack,
it attacks at the same time as the normal Zoat attacks, following the normal
rules for attack order. (If this causes the Zoat to deliver two attacks that
different times, he cannot knock-down & stun a model with one attack, and
'automatically' hit it/injure it with the second... it must treat the model as
though it was uninjured, assuming it was uninjured before the Zoat's initial

'Mounted': While not a Mounted creature per se, the Zoat is an impressive large
Quadroped creature. It suffers +1 to hit against missiles, cannot go in doors,
and counts as a 'Large' Model (this does not increase his rating any further.)
Also, he cannot traverse terrain that a mounted animal would be unable to
traverse. He rolls on the injury table as normal, not on the 'Whoa Boy!' Table.

Jungle born: All Zoats can move through jungle terrain without penalty.

Skills: The Zoat may learn skills from the Combat and the Strength skill lists.
They may also learn the Zoat Special Skill, Mental Shield.

Mental Shield: Any time the Zoat is targeted by a spell, you may roll a D6: on a
4+, the spell fails. Likewise, if a spell is cast that affects the Zoat and
several other models, you may roll 1D6: on a 4+, the Zoat himself is unaffected
(though other models may be affected as normal.)

Zoat 8 8 6 5 6 5 8 3(+1) 10

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Not to dilute your setting but the Elven Ranger and the Warlock should be around. Other human hired swords I would include are the Road Warden and Bounty Hunter.
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Wee War: Hired Swords
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