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 Da Kaptain'z Quarters Needz Cleanin!

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Kaptain BlackSquig

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PostSubject: Da Kaptain'z Quarters Needz Cleanin!   Wed 6 Oct 2010 - 8:30

Wanted to make sure I included you all in this post, I have a lot of stuff I am looking to find new homes for. Here is a starter list of things I have, but I am sure I will find more as I go through the storage containers!

Aaron Battle Pack (Large Case)
Warhammer Invasion Card Game
Warmaster Rulebook
Warmaster Annual 2002
Warmaster Annual 2003
General’s Compendium
Orc & Goblins Warhammer Armybook
Warhammer 40K Hardback Rulebook
LOTR War of the Ring Rulebook
Epic Armageddon Rulebook
Warhammer 40K Small Rulebook (3.5)
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures
How to Make Wargames Terrain
Uncharted Seas Rulebook
Vampire Wars Rulebook
Vampire Wars Volume One
Vampire Wars Volume Two
White Dwarf #316
White Dwarf #315
Warmachine Apotheosis
Warmachine Prime
Warmachine Quartermaster’s Guide
Warmachine Escalation
Cry Havoc! Chronicles of World/Rackham
D&D Fiend Folio
Sword & Sorcery Creature Collection

Commissar Yarrick
Chainmail Werewolf Trooper
Chainmail Zombie Minotaur x 3
Chainmail Half Orc Assassin
Chainmail Grimlock Trooper
Chainmail Dwarf Ranger
Chainmail Crazed Minotaur Cultist
Chainmail Dwarven Thunderlash

Blastscape x2 (missing laser burn only)
Citadel Boxed Med Firs

Bretonnian Bowmen
Black Orcs (OOP 20 pack)
Savage Orcs (10 count) x2
Orc Warboss on Wyvern
Doom Diver
Empire Soldiers (OOP, 6th edition)
Forest Goblin Spider Riders x2
Goblin Wolf Riders
Empire Cannons x3
Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider
Skarsnik & Gobbla
Archaeon on Horseback
Warmaster Orc & Goblin Starter Box

Warhammer 40K Bomb Squigs x3
Snotlings x4
Beastman Shaman
Empire Hero w/Gory Sword
Orc Raider w/Pig & Torch
Animosity Orcs
The Blessing of Sigmar
Warmaster Orcs
Warmaster Orc Wyvern
Warmaster Giant
Warmaster trolls x2
Warmaster Rock Lobbas x3
Warmaster Black Orcs
Warmaster Goblin Wolf Chariot x2

My EBay reference is Blackmoore2, Bartertown is snagafang. As I am in the USA we would have to work out shipping for overseas trading. Please send me a PM here if you see something you like and we can deal for it offline. I am not really looking for trade stuff but we might be able to work out something. Things I would consider in trade:

New Skaven Screaming Bells
Lizardmen Salamanders (the OOP Sailback ones, not the current version)
New Stegadons
Tomb King Skeletons

Updated! 10/18/2010

Will be adding more as the week goes along...
Da Kaptain
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PostSubject: Re: Da Kaptain'z Quarters Needz Cleanin!   Mon 25 Oct 2010 - 17:05

Do you have a price in mind for the Warmaster stuff???

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Da Kaptain'z Quarters Needz Cleanin!
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