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 H: WHFB+Tons More W:Mordheim books,War Bands,Terrain,Buildin

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PostSubject: H: WHFB+Tons More W:Mordheim books,War Bands,Terrain,Buildin   Wed 22 Sep 2010 - 18:54

Hello all, Getting back into Mordheim after a long hiatis,

Buildings i would prefer none cardboard cutouts
Books- Everything
War Bands-Im looking for tons as im getting a bunch of friends to try the game and would like to help them start there WBs



Sub Casts Limited edition Spider Man Collecteble Figurine

Dogs of War

100 Riccos Republican Guard (this includes 4 Full Commands) Unprimed/Unpainted

Warriors of Chaos

7 Metal oop Chaos Knights

1 Khorn Lord on Chaos steed

1 Khorn Champ on foot

7 Hounds of Chaos

5 New Chaos Knights (1 Painted)


24 KotR/KE (partialy assembled Some are from last edition)

44 6th Edition Bowmen

2 Mounted Yoamen

3 Very nicly painted Pegasis Knights

1 Extra Pegasis

3 Unassembled Grail Knights (metal blister ones)

Orcs & Gobbos

1 3rd or 4th Edition Wyvern

Tons of BFSP Gobbos (i have 202 with out the ones ive converted to HW/S)

20 BFSP Spider Riders

Oger Kingdoms

1 Ogre Tyrent

1 Hunter w/2 Cats

2 Leadbelchers + 2 more arms and cannons


Metal Doom Bull with 2 Hand Weps

5 metal Beastigors


Warrior Priest of Ulric foot and Mounted (NIB)

2 Hellblaster volly guns (one is very oop)(no crew)

1 cannon(no crew)

1 way oop morter(no crew)

65 handgunners (most are 6th edition some new)

Tomb Kings

1 Blister Tomb Guard Command (NiB)

1 Ushabti (missing half its Great wepon but in good shap otherwise)

Tons of Gaming books

LOTR Rule Book (Return of the King)This is the older main rule Book

Rifts-(have tons of rifts books)

Dark Ages Vamp Books

Doungeons & Dragons

Doungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

Advanced Doungeons & Dragons

Advanced Doungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

Doungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

Star Wars

Star Wars 2nd Revised

3 Slaine The Horned God Comics 1,2,3 all in great condition Published in 1991
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PostSubject: Re: H: WHFB+Tons More W:Mordheim books,War Bands,Terrain,Buildin   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 10:36

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H: WHFB+Tons More W:Mordheim books,War Bands,Terrain,Buildin
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