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 EiF Encampments

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PostSubject: EiF Encampments   Wed 22 Sep 2010 - 0:40

So, I thought to use the Encampment rules for Mordheim in our Empire in Flames games, but I just HAD to customize it a bit Razz

What do you think? Any suggestions? ANything I missed???

Encampments for Empire in Flames
By: Opheliate

On the many roads that cover the empire, there are plentiful of coaching inns, hamlets and villages. These are all good places to rest your feet and re-supply between battles. Of course, some warbands are deemed to unsavoury and chaotic to even be let into these places, such as the beastmen or Greenskins that roam the countryside. These warbands can instead enter such a place with brute force, taking what they want, pillaging for supplies and leaving the place in ramshackle condition.

The areas available for setting up encampments in are:

Smaller villages will take in most people, but they cant offer very much in the way of trading or housing. Still, setting up camp within a village is often better than resting in the wilderness.
- Smithy - Fletcher - Merchant
- Tavern - Explorer

Towns of all sizes litter the empire, and they all provide good opportunities for trading and housing. Taverns, blacksmiths and even the occasional gambling house will attract many adventurers.
- Smithy - Fletcher - Muleskinner
- Merchant - Tavern - Apothecary
- Explorer

Sometimes, a warband is not welcome in villages or towns, and must stay in the wilderness. However dangerous it may be, the wild also holds many secrets that can be used, such as hidden slaver camps, fighting pits or even the occasional illegal market of stolen goods!
- Merchant - Slaver - Tavern
- Explorer - Fighting Pit - Black Market

Undead and Chaos warbands may make camp in Towns and Villages, as they can disguise themselves. Greenskins, Beastmen, Skaven and other monstrous, evil, non-human warbands must seek camp in the wilderness. Also, beastmen, greenskins and skaven are supposedly trading and conducting business in the wilderness with their own kind, as beastmen surely would not pay a human cartographer or merchant, just smash their faces and take their stuff.

Events that play out between action taken within the camp use the normal Events table (TC 28). However, when camping in the wilderness, consult the Wilderness Events table instead!

In the post-battle sequence, you may send your heroes to visit one of the many locations in the wilderness, village or town. If you do, that Hero cannot be used for anything else until after the next battle (such as finding recruits, foraging a farm or other activity)

+2 to find rare melee weapons and armour

+2 to find rare ranged weapons and hunting arrows

+2 to find animals

+1 to find any items

Perform Surgery (see Surgery table in TC 28)

Roll on the Drinking Den table (see TC 28) NOTE: No Beastmen, Skaven or Greenskins

Fighting Pit:
See TC 29

+1d6 to roll of available Xp when recruiting warriors, but +1d3 gc cost

Black market
+2 to find poisons and drugs

See TC 28

Villages litter the lands of the empire. They vary in sizes form just a few houses, to large villages with taverns and inns. A village lacks a major and doesn’t have any watchmen or guards, making them easy targets for bandits or raiders. However, the populace still offers refuge for those who seek it, in exchange for gold or maybe some services.

1: Old Shack
You find an empty old shack on the outskirts of the village. It is enough room in there to house your heroes, but your men will have to set up camp outside. Before each battle, if you camp within the Old Shack, a randomly determined Henchman has caught the flu from sleeping outdoors and will miss that battle.

2: Abandoned Farm
You have set up camp within an abandoned farm. Whatever drove the peasant away form this house, left everything else intact as it is in good condition and provides shelter for the whole warband. You can have one of your heroes lead your henchmen in an attempt to cultivate the farm instead of searching for items or go about the village after a battle, as long as that hero were not taken OOA. If a warriors cultivates the farm, you will gain +1 warband size the next battle. As long as you always let a hero cultivate the farm after a battle, you will keep this +1 warband size bonus.

3: Ruined Tower
You have found the ruins of an old guard tower on the outskirts of the village. Despite its shape, it provides great protection against weather and attackers, as its defensive positions are still intact. A warband controlling the Ruined Tower will get 1d3 free fortifications if attacked.

4: Cellar
Your warband decide to hire a cellar from one of the peasants. He doesn’t care what you are doing down there, as long as you pay the initial fee of 10 gc and 1d3x5 gc after each battle. If you cant afford it, you must leave.

5: Burrow
You have found a large burrow just outside the village cemetery, which can serve as an excellent hidden base of operations. Your warband may rest within the burrow, and should the burrow be attacked, up to three of your models will gain the Infiltration special rule for that battle. Undead warbands who have their camp here pay 1d3 gc less for new zombies, as the close proximity to corpses make it much easier to re-animate them.

6: Cellar
You have asked around town for housing, and all you got was a cellar in one of the houses. Your warband may rest here, but before each battle, roll a d6 and consult the chart:
1-4: Nothing happens
5-6: Rats attack you and deal 1d3 S1 hits randomly distributed among your warband members. Warriors who are wounded (wounded, not taken OOA) will miss this battle.


1: Basement
You find housing in a basement below one of the many houses in the town. The owner will demand some sort of payment, but otherwise doesn’t care about what you do down there.
You may rest as normal, but must pay 10 gc after each battle. If you cannot pay, you must seek refuge in the wilderness.

2: Stable
A horse-breeder has room for you on the second flood of a large stable-barn. You may stay there free, but the smell is pretty bad, and sleeping on piles of hay isn’t very comfortable.

3: Abandoned Shipyard
Your warband has found an old shipyard which seems to have been disbanded by its former owner. There are ropes and tools scattered around, and a tattered old row boat rests in the river that flows through town. Apart from resting here, you may spend gold to restore the boat. You may pay 20 gc to restore the boat to good condition again. As long as you have your camp here, you will have control of a row boat.

4: Town House
You find an empty house in town. It seems it is up for sale! You may pay 50 gc to gain control of the house (you may go and sell off some items if you can’t afford it). Add “House Deed” to your party’s inventory if you do. This lets your whole warband rest here, and also makes you a resident of the town, giving you citizen rights, making it easier to navigate town, minding your own business. You may re-roll any Town Event rolls once (second result stands). Also, should your house be attacked, the town militia will come to your aid. Before such a battle, 1d3 Militiamen (stats as mercenary warriors, armed with spears and Shortbows) which you take control of. NOTE: Undead and Chaos warbands may not use the local militia, as they risk getting exposed if they call for aid, and the militiamen find themselves fighting alongside zombies and mutants! If you cant afford it, re-roll on this table. NOTE: Should you be chased away from town, the house is lost.

5: Sewer Entrance
You find a hidden sewer entrance to rest in. When defending your camp, up to three models in your warband gain the infiltration skill. Also, before each battle, roll a d6. On a 4+, 1d6 rats attack you and causes a S1 hit each on random warband members. If a warrior is wounded (wounded, not taken OOA) he/she may not partake in the battle.

6: Burned out Temple
You stumble upon a ruined temple. Asking the locals reveals it was burned down by a pack of Witch Hunters, deeming it an abode of Chaos. If you wish, you can move in there. The temple offers good protection from weather and wind. When defending the temple from attacks, you gain 1d3 free defences. Also, any Chaos warband can set-up a chaos shrine in the temple cellars. In the post-battle sequence, you can send a Hero to snatch a peasant to sacrifice there. To do so, the hero must pass an I test. If it passes, you sacrifice the peasant on the altar and will gain 1 Xp to give to any warrior(s) in your warband. If the I test fails, you are discovered and chased from town. You must now seek a camp in the wilderness one night before seeking to rest in a village, and after that you may seek camp in a town again.


1: Glade
Your warband sets up camp in a glade. The harsh weather conditions will take its toll though. 1d3 random warriors in your warband has caught the sniffles during the night, and may not partake in the next battle. NOTE: Beastmen and Greenskins are immune to this, as they are used to sleeping outdoors.

2: Stone Ring
A ring of stones and a series of low walls make this place a good defensive position.
If attacked, the camping warband will get 1d3 free defence enhancements.

3: Coaching Inn (not Beastmen, Greenskins or Skaven)
Your warband has found one of the many Coaching Inns within the Empire. You may rest here for the price of 1 gc for each warrior in your warband (Animals included). If you cant pay, you must rest in a glade. During your stay, you may trade and drink at the bar without rolling on the events table. If attacked while resting in a coaching inn, you will be aided by a Road warden who will fight under your command for this battle only.

4: Hunting Lodge
You find an abandoned Hunting Lodge. Within the hunting lodge are plenty of tools to make arrows and bows. As long as you control a Hunting Lodge, you can have one of your heroes craft hunting arrows instead of going about other business. If so, he must pass an I test. If it fails, the Hero may do nothing else this post-battle sequence. If it passes, you get a free quiver of Hunting Arrows that will last for one battle. NOTE: Do not roll for events if crafting arrows.

5: Cave
Your warband has found a large cave, with many paths leading off into the underground.
As long as you control the Cave, any battles fought in the wild will let you have up to three models in your warband gain the Infiltration special rule, as they use the many caverns there are in the cave to find alternative pathways up to the battlefield.

6: Hilltop Tower
Your warband has found an old lookout tower upon a high hill. As long as you control the Hilltop Tower, you may choose the next scenario, and also if you are to be attacker or defender. The downside is, the tower can only hold your heroes. 1d3 random henchmen will have to sleep outside and will catch the sniffles, missing the next battle.

Wilderness Events

Some events call for some fluff to be made up, as, for example, Beastmen surely would murder a wandering seer. If, for example, the Wanderer event is rolled, it is presumed the wanderer in that case is a Bray Shaman for Beastmen, a Shaman for orcs and maybe a Grey Seer for skaven, etc.


11: Uneventful

12: White Stag
Your warrior comes across an unusual white stag! Any warrior in the warband may attempt to shoot down the stag with a ranged weapon. Roll to hit with no modifiers. The stag has a toughness of 3. If the attack wounds the stag, it has gone down, and you may sell its precious hide and antlers for 3d6 gc total. Also, the meat lets your warband count as one size smaller when calculating the worth of treasures after the next battle.

13: Hunter
You come across a hunter stalking through the underbrush. He will gladly share some information with you about the area. You may add another dice to the next exploration phase. Undead may kill the hunter and gain a free zombie. Possessed and Beastmen may sacrifice the man, giving the leader +1 xp. Greenskins and Skaven may sell the man into slavery for 2d6 gc.

14: Trap
Your warrior steps on a hidden rope, triggering a trap set by hunters. The warrior must immediately pass an I test or else make an injury roll. If the warrior is taken OOA, roll on the serious injury table. If the is instead Stunned, he will miss the next battle as he slowly comes to after a couple of hours. If the warrior is knocked down, he may rejoin the warband immediately. If the warrior passes his I test, he will receive +1 Xp for skilfully avoiding the trap.

15: Uneventful

16: Roadwarden
The warband comes across a Roadwarden patrolling the roads through the wilderness. If the warband is of a good alignment, he will offer to aid them in their next battle for half the initial fee. If the warband wants him to stick around after that, the normal upkeep cost must be paid. If the warband is evil, the Roadwarden will attack. Roll a d6:
1-4: Your warband easily dispatches the Roadwarden. You gain 1d6 gc and one Xp point to distribute as you wish among your warband.
5-6: The Roadwarden puts up a good fight, and causes 1d3 S4 hits, each on a random warrior, before he manages to get away. Warriors taken OOA must roll on the serious injury chart.

21: Highwayman
As the Roadwarden event, but the highwayman may only join evil aligned warbands, and will attack good aligned warbands instead. Also, the Evil aligned warriors may decide if they wish to fight the man instead of hiring him.

22: Mushrooms
Your warriors has searched the area for something to eat and has plucked a basket of suspect mushrooms. Roll a d6:
1-3: Yummy! The mushrooms are delectable. After the next battle, your warband will be considered one size smaller when rolling to see how much gold you get by selling treasure (as you don’t need as much food thanks to the mushrooms!)
4-5: Ugh… my stomach. The mushrooms are poisonous and 1d3 random warriors in your warband must pass a T test or miss the next battle.
6: I gotta get me some more of those! The warband has found 1d3 batches of Mad Cap Mushrooms!

23: Uneventful

24: You stumble upon a woodcutter. The man will pay you to help him chop some trees down. Roll a D6:
1-3: You perform to the mans liking and gain 3d6 gc for your trouble.
4-5: You chop down the entire area. The man is impressed and pays you 2d6x5 gc.
Beastmen, Greenskins and Skaven warbands will kill the man and loot his corpse for 1d6 gc.

25: Seer
A wanderer approaches your leader, saying he has an important message for him. It seems this man is a seer and has come to tell you of your future. Roll a D6:
1-3: Dire news. The man tells you of your imposing doom. Re-roll all passed Rout tests the next battle.
4-6: Immortality. The man tells you that you are chosen by the gods to live long and in good health. Your leader is immune to psychology the next battle.

26: Wanderer
A sound in the bushes alerts you to the presence of a wandering warrior. He is lost and would offer his services for free for the whole of the next battle if you let him camp with you. Roll a D6 to decide what Hired Sword it is:
1 – Halfling Cook
2 – Elf Ranger
3 – Warlock
4 – Freelancer
5 – Ogre Bodyguard
6 – Choose any Hired Sword
NOTE: If a warband can’t hire the Hired Sword, you either turn him down or chase him away.

31: Hot Springs
You find a hot spring. Your warband may not explore any further this day, as they will all relax in the hot springs. However, any warriors who due to injuries or events are not allowed to fight in the next battle, may do so, as they rest up and regain their strength.

32: Uneventful

33: Towering View
You find yourself on top of a giant hill with great view of the area. You may immediately roll on the Wilderness Camp chart to locate a new Camp, but roll two dices and pick which ever you want.

34: Uneventful

35: Snakes
A couple of snakes has made it into the tents of the warband. Roll a D6:
1-2: The snakes bite 1d3 of your warriors who must pass a T test or miss the next game.
3-4: You chop the snakes to pieces before they can attack.
5-6: You carefully behead each snake, keeping their venom sacks intact and gains 1d3 portions of Dark Venom.

36: Fire
The forest is on fire, and you must run away from the inferno! Immediately roll to find a new camp in the wilderness.

41: Lone Beastman
A Beastman (stats as Cult of the Possessed Beastman) appears in a glade. Possessed and Beastman warbands may recruit him to form a new henchman group or add to an existing one (must have same stats though). Any other warband must fight the beastman with the Hero that found him. Roll I to see who charges. If the Beastman takes the Hero OOA, he will disappear after robbing the Hero and leaving him for dead. Deduct 2d6 gc and all the Heroes equipment, then roll on the serious injury chart, ignoring Captured or Sold to the Pits results. If the Hero wins, you find items up to 3d6 worth of gold (you decide what items), and also, the Hero will gain 2 Xp for defeating the beastman on his own.

42: Uneventful

43: Faerie
A sudden flutter of small wings catches your attention! A faerie is flying about… Roll a d6:
1-4: The Faerie manages to get away. Nothing happens.
5-6: You catch the Faerie who immediately tells you she’ll do anything as long as you let her go. You get 1d3 portions of Faerie Dust which acts just like Healing Herbs.

44: Lucky Find
You spot something glimmering, lodged in a crevice in an old tree. Roll a d6:
1 – Lucky charm
2 – Jewelled Dagger
3 – A ring worth 2d6 gc
4 – Jewelled Sword
5 – A necklace worth 3d6 gc
6 – A holy/unholy symbol

45: Uneventful

46: Goblin Patrol
You bump into 1d3 goblins who has gotten lost from their warband. Greenskins players may recruit the goblins for free. Other warbands may attack the goblins, who are too scared to put up a fight. Witch Hunters and Sisters of Sigmar gain 1 xp to distribute in the warband for dispatching the beasts. Skaven may sell the goblins into slavery for 2d6 gc each. Other players kill them and loot them for 1d6 gc each.

51: Wyrdstone Shard
You stumble over a shard of wyrdstone. It must have scattered hundreds of miles if it originates from the comet that struck Mordheim! Touching the wyrdstone is dangerous, and you feel the warping energies affecting your mind. Roll a D6:
1: The stone breaks and the warping energies seep into the warriors’ soul, weakening him. A random statistic is decreased by one for the next battle. If this would take you below 1 in any attribute, the warrior must miss the next battle.
2-5: The Hero resists the energies. Add one treasure to your hoard.
6: The Hero is infused by strengthening energies. The stone breaks as the energies leak out of it into the warriors’ body. A random statistic is increased by one for the next battle. This may take you over your racial maximum!

52: Howl of the Wolf
Distant howling can be heard, signalling that a pack of wolves has caught the scent of your warband. Immediately roll on the Wilderness Camp table to seek refuge in another place. Also, the warband may do no more exploring this turn, as they seek to outsmart the wolf pack on their way to the new location.

53: Uneventful

54: The Thing in the Woods
You find a large carcass. You can’t tell what it was when it was alive, but know that whatever killed it must be huge! Apparently, the Thing in the Woods lurks in the area. The next battle, the Thing in the Woods will join the battle. At the end of each players turn, roll a d6. On a 5+, the Thing in the Woods have entered the area from a random table edge, not closer than 10” from a warrior. It will, at the end of each players turn, move at full speed towards the closest warrior and charge if able to. After the battle, if the Thing was taken OOA, that warband gains 1d3 Xp to distribute within the warband.

55: Uneventful

56: Bone pit
You stumble upon a large pit of bones and skeletal remains. Any undead player can attempt to raise what undamaged skeletons are left. Roll a d6.
1-2: You can’t find any whole skeletons to raise.
3-4: You raise 1 skeleton (counts as a zombie) and can add it to an existing henchman group or create a new one.
5-6: You manage to raise 1d3 skeletons (counts as a zombies) and can add them to an existing henchman group or create a new one.
Other warbands can rummage through the remains to find 3d6 gc (not Witch Hunters or Sisters of Sigmar). Witch Hunters and Sisters of Sigmar may bury the dead, gaining 1d3 Xp to distribute within the warband.

61: The Witch
You stumble upon a malevolent old hag. Before you can pick up your weapons, she has cast a spell on you and disappeared into the darkness. Roll a D6:
1-2: Fumbling curse. A random hero will have -1 Ws for the next battle.
3-4: Mind Rot. A random hero will be the subject to stupidity for the next battle.
5-6: Blood Fever. A random Hero will be the subject to frenzy for the next battle.

62: Mutilated Corpse
A badly damaged corpse, impaled on a raised pole, suddenly comes into view. The Hero must pass a Ld test or else run away in shock, or avoid it as it is an apparent warning. If the Ld test is passed, the warrior approaches the corpse and will gain the following items if you roll the set score:
Spear Automatic
Dagger Automatic
2d6 gc 4+
Helmet 4+
Lucky Charm (obviously not working!) 5+
NOTE: Heroes immune to fear automatically pass the Ld test.

63: Uneventful

64: Ironwood Pine
You find a young Ironwood pine, which are famous for acting as great crafting material for weapons! The Hero may attempt to chop down the Ironwood Pine by passing a S test. If it succeeds, you gain 1d3 Ironwood Clubs (clubs with doubled value). If the test fails, you get nothing.

65: Uneventful

66: Mineral Vein
You find a mineral vein running through a rocky patch. Instead of taking any other actions with Heroes who still hasn’t performed any actions, they may try to mine the resources here. Each Hero that spends the day mining will have to pass an S test. If they succeed, you gain 1 treasure for each Hero that succeeded their S test. If a Hero fails the test, he is unable to mine anything. Dwarf Treasure Hunters will automatically pass their S tests.


Please, comments?

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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 7:33

As a non-rules Guy who doesn't use the Mordheim Rules, my opinion is of dubious worth. I do, HOWEVER, like your ideas. I think you'd get better feedback if I were to move this thread to the Rules & Games Play Section...it's your call on the move. What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 8:01

Go ahead and do so. I am always unsure where to post Razz Thanks!

(Update: I have added special Events table for camping in teh Wilderness)
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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 8:50

Opheliate wrote:
Go ahead and do so. I am always unsure where to post Razz Thanks!

(Update: I have added special Events table for camping in teh Wilderness)

There you go What a Face
As a solo gamer, I LOVE the Events Chart . thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 9:15

Thansk mate, I appreciate it Smile
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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   Thu 23 Sep 2010 - 10:35

The general difference between the Wilderness events and the normal Settlement Events from TC is basically not so much people that you encounter, but natural stuff, magical encounters and so on. Also, I'd say it's more of a wager to camp in the Empire wilderness, as there are more dangerous encounters, but also some really beneficial ones as well, to balance out teh fact taht Beastmen, Skaven and Greenskins can't set up camp in villages or towns.
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PostSubject: Re: EiF Encampments   

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EiF Encampments
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