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 Possessed amazons

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PostSubject: Possessed amazons   Tue 31 Aug 2010 - 3:09

Rather than use my mordhiem amazons as the amazon warband I was thinking of running them as a possessed warband. Something along the lines of them being corrupted by chaos while they were slaves before the meteor struck or the leader found a demon sword (insert reason here Razz) .

Im at a bit of a loss on what to use as mutants and possessed. I have a few options but not sure which should be my possessed or mutants:
I would like to use 2 of the 6th ed metal daemonetes.
I have also converted one amazon to be somewhat possessed/mutant by cutting its legs off and using the snake like hand from the old mutation sprue in its place to make it naga like (thumbs below)

It doesnt have hands atm, but which it suits best will determine the sort of hands go on.

So a couple of questions.
Which would each choice suit best as?
Would the daemonettes fit with other wise stock amazons?
Would 2 new plastic daemonettes go better with the 2 metal ones?
If the converted amazon is a possessed would this look too out of place along side (also thumbs)?
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Possessed amazons
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