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 Another newbie gotten lost in the city

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PostSubject: Another newbie gotten lost in the city   Thu 26 Aug 2010 - 4:45

Hey all!

Im a 26 year guy all caught up in fantasy, comic and game. Have been accussed for having the same interest as a 12 year old... I live in Sweden and naturing a hope for more Mordheim playing in my local shop.

Kind of new to all this Mordheim but the more i read bout it the more in love i get! The fluff, the possibilities and the chance to see your character grow and become a legend (or die in a horrible way) makes me all worked up!

My plan is to go for Marienburgers and have gotten 12 guys togheter but for the moment i havent people to play against. Or the rulebook (do anyone know where to get that??) so for the moment im a Internet-Mordheim-junkie

Tryin to get a campaign going in the local shop, but been sidetracked by other real life stuff..

(Dont worry, still have a urge to get it going, too tempted for a nightmare battle against A LOT of zombies..) zombie

EDIT: Forgot to introduce me alittle bit.. Very Happy Please pardon my english grammar and misspelling. Aint often i got the chance write this mutch english Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Another newbie gotten lost in the city   Thu 26 Aug 2010 - 5:04

To steal a quote from Field of Dreams:"Build it & the will come." I made a Mordheim board for one of my Commission Guys, Monkey Head Mac; after a single night's gaming at the then-local-gaming store, he had 12 Fellow Addicts...AND I had a commission for three more boards. SO...WELCOME ABOARD Cool Tom's Sleep Yet Enlightening & Sustaining Nonetheless Mordheim Forum. May your stay be a LONG & MERRY one! cheers
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Another newbie gotten lost in the city
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