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 H: Kislevites for other Kislevites, WTT Other Warbands

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PostSubject: H: Kislevites for other Kislevites, WTT Other Warbands   Wed 4 Aug 2010 - 14:39

Good Day,

I am looking to trade few Kislevites for ones I don't
have. In the following picture I have 2 each of the 2nd and 3rd henchmen
that I wish to trade.

I have one of the youths, the first on the left, so any others would be great.

I have the second one so any of the others are great.

I also need any of the following weapons with priorities on halberds.

also have quite a few different Ostlanders and Averlanders for trade as
well. Just ask for specifics. I will also trade the Averlanders or
Ostlanders for other Mordheim figs and Books like Town Cryer figure,
zombie dog, Highway Man, Uli and Marquand, Fanatic Sisters warband,
Mordheim core rules, terrain etc.

I have a few of each these two Averlanders that have been stripped of paint.

also have a lot of other warbands I can trade as well. I have a
Sisters, Witch Hunters, Mercenaries, Hired Swords and miscellaneous figs
from other warbands, alot still in blister. Just ask and I can see what
I have.


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PostSubject: Re: H: Kislevites for other Kislevites, WTT Other Warbands   Thu 5 Aug 2010 - 1:32

Having completed my Kislev warband some time ago, I have a spare Youth (the first one in the picture)
and a weapons sprue (minus the empty fist) and a crossbow and 2 halberds.

I'm looking for witch hunters (the two with the torches).

However I'm from the Netherlands and I hope that's not a problem.

let me know
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H: Kislevites for other Kislevites, WTT Other Warbands
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