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 BTB - Spirit of Hashut Spell

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PostSubject: BTB - Spirit of Hashut Spell   Wed 4 Aug 2010 - 3:04


The Black Dwarf player in my gaming group asked me whether the Spirit of Hashut spell can continue through walls today. Normally I would say 'no' and that is probably the answer for this spell also. However, the description says that the spell creates a apparition type entity and ghosts can move through walls so can this spell move through walls.

Obviously the first target cannot be on the other side of the wall or it would not be in line of sight. However, if the first target is before the wall and there are more warriors on the other side of the wall and the wall is complete with no holes than can the spell move through?

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PostSubject: Re: BTB - Spirit of Hashut Spell   Fri 6 Aug 2010 - 4:00

Fluff-wise, I would say that walls stop the spell effects, as it says that the air thickens to form the avatar. Thick air should be stopped by walls etc. Rules-wise, not so clear; there's no wording whatsoever about what could stop the Hashut-avatar, and since it is a d9-spell, its effects should be somewhat on the massive side.
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BTB - Spirit of Hashut Spell
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