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 BTB - Mutations and Financial Planning in the Old World

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PostSubject: BTB - Mutations and Financial Planning in the Old World    Tue 6 Jul 2010 - 9:46


We have recently begun a BTB campaign and we really are enjoying the setting and the rules that have been compiled. Awesome job to everyone involved. If any of the designers are still kicking around on this forum, can you please explain the intention of how mutations are handled, especially using the (fantasic) Corrupted Characters supplement.

Specifically, does it cost 2x the cost of second and subsequent mutations like it does when hiring a mutant/Possessed from the base rules?

Given that the additional cost is not stated anywhere in the BTB rules, I am not sure. And since Marauders have to use up a skill advance and pay gc's, I don't know if multiple mutations are intended to get exponentially more expensive or not. There are good arguments to be had in either direction. When members of a possessed warband go to the Pit and gain mutations there is no cost associated at ALL, although this is random, optional, and carries a small risk of atrophy as well so its not a direct comparison.

The real concern comes with using the Corrupted rules. We had to adapt those a bit to avoid the potential of forcibly bankrupting any Marauder/Norse/Beastman band do to compulsory (2x cost?) mutations, which reallydetracts from these guys playing on their home turf and gaining those advantages.

Any insight on this?

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PostSubject: Re: BTB - Mutations and Financial Planning in the Old World    Tue 6 Jul 2010 - 14:50

Hey Phoenixhawk.

Firstly thank you on behalf of Chris Templin (Cianty), myself and everyone who contributed their time & valuable ideas to making the BTB experience happen in a big way for Mordheim lovers. Smile

Corrupted Characters offers some new options & pointers to help direct some fantastic material which already existed and just tended to get overlooked in the heat of battle during campaign play.

I think that the information you're looking for is included on page 1 of the document. The first page was intended to outline when/where mutations just 'happen' in order to promote scenarios set in the Northern Wastes territory which you will find in the BTB supplement. The same applies in new scenarios you might design for yourself! Plus in any traditional scenarios or favourite custom scenarios (Harpy Hunting anyone!?) which you choose to play if you agree the games can take place in the Wastes during your group campaign, instead of where they would normally occur. Go for it!

You can ignore the hiring rules for mutants in the Cult of Possessed warband rules, as Corrupted Characters is geared to describe the ways in which warriors become mutated during the course of Mordheim campaigns.

All warbands which we shall classify as 'followers of Chaos' (for simplicity in a forthcoming release) have the option of taking the mutation, or gift if the Hero has a Mark of Chaos. This means if you don't have the gold available to pay for the mutation you can't benefit from it. Think of this as a tithe to appease your hungry patron.

Warriors from warbands not loyal to Chaos are sometimes struck by mutation. This is not a choice! The mutation applied is randomly determined and there is no tithe to pay.

Ok I hope that's not too boring.



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BTB - Mutations and Financial Planning in the Old World
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