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 Clan Moulder!

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PostSubject: Clan Moulder!   Fri 2 Jul 2010 - 20:18

I was thinking how i could use my skaven army in mordheim and i noticed there hasn't been a clan moulder warband army list (that i know of!). I've always thought of clan moulder as the most unloved of the 4 greater warlord clans. We've obviously had clan eshin and skyre & pestilens have their own lists (i don't know how successful they were though) so i was thinking of some ideas of what would make a good moulder list, while maintaining coherency with the official eshin list and not making it too different (aka potentially overpowered!!).

  • Verminkin should be the same. All clans have access to basic skaven afterall!
  • Giant rats should also be the same.
  • Rat ogre. Now this is another of moulders key units so should obviously be kept, however maybe a raise in the 0-1 allowance to show moulders reliance on them? Or i was thinking something in relation to the packmasters (mentioned later)
  • Night runners get changed for 'trainees' aka normal rats who have shown the potential for controlling the beasts, who will eventually become packmasters themselves...
  • Black skaven get changed into packmasters! Basically the same stats but with access to whips, thing-catchers etc instead of the usual eshin equipment.
  • Assassin adept gets changed to a master moulder. Nothing in comparison to the great master moulders that lead whole ranks of rat ogres in grand armys but still potent foes! Exchanging art of silent death for a 'command over creatures' style thing with some sort of bonus being given to the giant rats and rat ogres in the warband. Another interesting point would be how this rule effects enemy creatures such as horses and warhounds...

Equipment would include moulders infamous creature-killer and their whips. These weapons allowing rerolls for giant rats and ogres maybe? Leadership bonus'? How about incorperating some of sqweel gnawtooths rat enhancment drugs for the giant rats? These are just ideas, but i tried to stay true to the eshin list to avoid complications and overpoweredness, but obviously a moulder warband would need some moulder-esque gimmicks to compensate for no weeping blades/fighting claws/throwing knives, no art of silent death, and the redused movement of its heroes.

Those were just a few thoughts on bringing moulder into mordheim. I havn't really thought of why moulder would actually BE in mordheim but they have as much right to be there as skyre would have! Maybe its to experiment with new the mutation possabilities or something. Does anyone else have any comments/critisism/rantings?

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PostSubject: Re: Clan Moulder!   Fri 2 Jul 2010 - 21:10

While i was researching for my upcoming clan skryre warband i ran across this clan moulder list: http://hem.passagen.se/pestilen/mordheim/warbands/skaven_clanmoulder.htm

While i do like the simplicity of it, skaven with mutations can only be so interesting.

To make it more unique i would allow one hero to get the mancatcher from the black dwarf list and all pack masters to get whips (cat-o-nine tails from the pirate list). Also i would encourage the use of the updated random mutations from Warekin's Corrupted Characters article for use with the breeding master skill.

Some interesting skill choices going on here... The training master and breeding master skills are the most unique. It appears there is a typo in the breeding master skill, it references itself instead of training master. Training master allows for your rat ogre to gain experience three time slower than a normal henchman, which i find a little harsh. Perhaps bump it down to twice like regular ogres. Also riding a rat ogre would be pretty cool!!

I'm not a fan of the ratwolves, they are simply giant rats with better stats and nothing interesting going on. Instead i would make a swabbie type of henchman which would give a utility to the mancatcher. They would be experiment victims, very low stats but with random mutations!
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Moulder!   Sun 4 Jul 2010 - 18:13

Moulder Heroes should be able to ride Rat Ogres.
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Moulder!   Wed 7 Jul 2010 - 20:26

Remember, the default Skaven are "ninjas"- which means that none of the starting movements would be higher than 5.

If you want, here's the special rules Master and I came up with for a mutant band. Help yourself to any/none:

0-3 Mutators 35 gold crowns to hire
4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
Weapons/Armor: May be armed with weapons and armor from the Heroes Equipment list.
Mutations: When generated, each Mutator starts with one random mutation from the "Power" mutation table. This may not be rerolled for any reason.
Skills: Combat, Strength, Speed

Warpkin - 25 gold crowns to hire
Fanatic followers of Mutants, the Warpkin will do anything to prove their mental instabilty and endurance: volunteering for experiments, ingesting wyrdstone slivers, even damaging their own bobies in hopes that they will regenerate.
5 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 5
Weapons/Armor: May be armed with weapons and armor from the Henchmen Equipment list.
Induction: When a Warpkin gains 'That Lad's Got Talent', instead of gaining an advancement, the Warpkin gains one random mutation from the 'Power' mutation table.
When Generated the Warpkin roll a D6 and consults the following table:
1-4: Lesser Deformation: The Warpkin start with one of the following stats at -1, and a different of the following stats at +1: M, WS, BS, I, Ld. Choose Randomly for both the -1 and +1, rerolling any repeats.
5: Greater Deformation. Starts with -1 S. Starts with +1 T, W, or A. Choose Randomly.
6: Greater Deformation. Starts with -1 T. Starts with +1 S, W, or A. Choose Randomly.

Mutantrats - 15 gold crowns to hire
Rats, warped by the power of wyrdstone. Unsummoned, they come in mass wherever clan moulder is found.
6 2 0 3 3 1 4 1 4
Weapons/Armour: None. Mutant Rats never use any armor or weapons.
Experience: Mutant Rats are animals and do not gain experience.
Gene Splice: When a group of Mutant Rats are created, roll a dice and consult the following table. All rats cost the same at start up (15gc), but some have additional price modifiers when rehiring for the group.
1 Atrophy: Start with -1 of a random stat (reroll any stat that would go below 1). Rehire: 3gc less.
2 Warpstone Scent: Heroes carrying wyrdstone/wyrdstone items do not count as hidden to Mutant Rats. In addition, this group can always attempt to charge heroes carrying/using wyrdstone, even if they have no light of sight. Rehire: +0gc.
3 Wings: the wings are not fully developed, they count just as the Wings from the power in the stones mutations, in addition the rats get the leap skill. (Alt: may ignore terrain penalties and gaps when moving, may not fly "over" objects or enemy models) Rehire: +5gc
4 Death Leap. The Rats gain +1S and Frenzy. If injured, they treat Stunned as 'Out of Action.' +5gc
5 Mole Rats. You may start any group of Mole Rats off the board during set-up. During your recovery phase, you may roll a D6, adding +1 for each turn past the first. On a total of 6, the rats reappear. Pick any spot on the board that is 12" away from any model and rule 1D6: on 4+, they appear on that spot exactly. On a 1-3, they appear 2D6" away in a random direction. If this puts them in contact with enemies, consider it a charge. +3gc.
6 Lab rats. They start with Atrophy (see mutation above). On the plus side, the rats may gain experience (but reroll any rolls of 'That Lad's Got Talent.') In addition, they are also able to climb. Cost: +0gc, plus +2gc for each experience (like normal henchmen.)

0-1 Rat Spawn 200gc
2D6 3 0 4 5 3 3 d6+1* 10
*Roll for attacks each round of combat.
Weapons/Armour: None. Mutant Rats never use any armor or weapons.
Immune to Psychology
Does not gain Experience
Movement: Instead of normal movement, each movement phase, the Spawn moves 2D6" towards any enemy model. The Spawn must move straight towards an enemy, though this need not be the nearest enemy, and may be an enemy the Spawn cannot even see (Spawn have a plethora of senses, magical and otherwise that tell them where their foes are). If this movement brings the Spawn into contact with any model, friend or foe, the Spawn immediately attacks it, and will continue to fight in following rounds until the other model has been taken out of action or fled. Spawn may move up ladders and stairs, and may even attempt to climb walls subject to the normal climbing rules.

When a Hero in your warband gains a skill advance, they may instead attempt to mutate themselves. Roll 2D6 on the following table.
2 Overload! The body mutates beyond recognition, and the spawn slinks off before he can be captured.
3-5 Nothing Happens. The body resists any change at all.
6-8 Lesser Mutation. Roll on the Power of the Stones mutation table to learn which Mutation your hero has gained.
9-10 Greater Mutation. The warrior develops a severe mutation. You may choose which one of the mutations listed in the Cult of the Possessed or Carnival of Chaos Warbands* lists your warrior has been rewarded with, or you may choose the Black Hunger skill from the Skaven warband.
*House Rules: May also choose mutations/alterations by any Khorne or Slaanesh warbands accepted by your gaming groups.
11 Stone of Power. The stone your warrior ingested was a Stone of Power, and is permanently lodged within your hero's chest. Roll on the "Power of the Stones" Stones table, rerolling any rolls of 6-8**. The hero gains that ability, and will never have to test to see if the stone affects him adversely. He can never lose or trade the stone, and may not carry any more stones (unless they too get lodged in his chest.)
**House Rules: My group considers the 'Regeneration' power WAY too strong, and replace it with a 4+ ward.
12 UberSpawn! The body of the warrior mutates dramatically, but a shadow of his mind lingers on. He gains +1D3 extra attacks each combat (roll each turn.) These increases do not count towards his maximum characteristics. The warrior loses D3 of his skills (chosen by the player), and gains that many mutations of your choice from the 'Power of the Stones' mutation table (if the Hero does not have enough skills, instead subtract 1 from a characteristic of your choice for each skill that would be deducted). He may no longer use weapons or armor and may not carry equipment (Stones lodged his chest are exempt.)
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Moulder!   

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Clan Moulder!
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