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 Magic magic magic

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PostSubject: Magic magic magic   Tue 29 Jun 2010 - 16:05

Hello guys,

So here is the deal, I've been playing Undead for ages now, basically the only warband I have played seriously. Now most of the times its pretty straightforward, the vampire goes into overdrive melee, same for ghouls and any dreg heroes if they survive long enough. The necromancer, depending on how lucky he is with spells, will become either a minionmancer with a offensive spell every now and than, or will become my 'shooter'.

Now for a different take on Undead, in my current campaign I have a necromancer with 5 out of 6 spells and a vampire with a ToM and the arcane lore skill. Both of them have Spell of Awakening. Now since 1 dreg died, i decided not to replace him to get another ghoul hero, and give him academic skills. The idea is that both the vampire and the ghoul get Re-animation and call of Vanhell at some point, and hopefully I will gain some pretty nasty zombies through Spell of Awakening. This way I would be fighting with 3 casters, 1 of which can still become a pretty good melee fighter (Vampire). Now the whole point would be to get some good zombies up through SoA, and use them as front line, keeping them up, and having a way to get my zombies where they should be faster, creating a nice block on some targets, kills on others, etc. The idea for this came to test out if this playstyle is viable apart from the normal, still perfectly working, positioning everything in a way that the vampire can do what he's best at.

Im not far enough yet to test the new style out, but I will post pro's and con's here later on. The question is if anyone has tried this before, and can give some feedback on it if so.

A other question is, since I have 2 heroes with Spell of Awakening, if its possible to revive 2 fallen heroes, if I get the chance for that?

- Malifact
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PostSubject: Re: Magic magic magic   Tue 29 Jun 2010 - 17:20

2 heroes with the spell of awakening seems a waste our vampires go for Lesser Magic as the better lore. We might do it wrong but if there is more than one hero killed during a game we allow all to be raised by one SoA.
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Magic magic magic
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