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 Mercenary Provinces for Coreheim

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PostSubject: Mercenary Provinces for Coreheim   Sun 6 Jun 2010 - 9:14

As posted here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=261184'

I like the Altdorf and Stirland ones.

What do you all think?

Blackpowder Refiners: Warband starts with 1 Superior Blackpowder that cannot be sold.
Blackpowder Pioneers: Champions can use any Blackpowder weapons they come across.
Blackpowder Engineers: Champions can take Academic Skills.

Mountaineer Marksmen: Marksmen may use Rope & Hook even though they are Henchmen.
Border Skirmishers: Up to two Marksmen may shoot at Hidden enemies as though they were not hidden. (They remain hidden to everyone else.) (These must be in the same henchman group.)
Advance Warning Patrols: Captain, Champions, Youngbloods have +1" to spot hidden enemies.

Stir River Patrol: Veterans may use Rope & Hook even though they are Henchmen.
Stirlander Longbowmen: Up to three Marksmen have the 'Yeoman' shooting skill. (These must be in the same Henchman Group.)
Poverty-stricken Province: Warriors cost 20gc to recruit.

Home of the Hochland Long Rifle: Warband starts with a Long Rifle that cannot be sold.
Long Rifle Drill: Captain & Champions can use Long Rifle.
Badge of Command: Captain and Champions may carry Pistol(s) in addition to a Long Rifle.
Forrest Patrols: All members of the warband hate Beastmen.

Posh: In each post-battle sequence may deduct 5gc from the price of any Weapon/Armour/Equipment that costs 20gc or more.
Arrogance: Captain may always re-roll each of his experience advances. The second result stands.
Command: Capatain's Leader ability has rang 12" (rather than the normal 6").

Metoric Steel: Warband starts with two special Swords that also have the 'Slay' rule. (Critical Wounds are Tripled to Three Wounds.) These cannot be sold.
Luck of River Talabec: Once per battle you may re-roll any one D6 or force opponent to re-roll any one D6. (You can never re-roll a re-roll.)
Draconian: Henchmen do not advance in the normal manner: Re-roll all henchman rolls of Talent! Instead, henchmen that reach 7 experience may automatically be promoted to heroes. (Recieving a three adavance roll upon promotion.)

City of Gold: May always deduct 5gc from the Upkeep Fee of one Hired Sword.
Dirty Tricks: Champions may take Rogue Skills.

Superior Drill: Reiklanders may postpone Rout Tests until they have lost 5 or more members.
Officers: Champions start with Ld8

Wolf Fighters: Animals suffer -1 S when attacking Middenheimers.
Resilient: Champions always add +1 to their post-game injury rolls.
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Mercenary Provinces for Coreheim
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