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 Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy

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PostSubject: Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy   Mon 24 May 2010 - 23:43

Howdy! As some of you may know, at the Death Squads Forum we are running a special event. It is called "The Prisoner Exchange". Think of it like a 'Secret Santa'... people got assigned a random person to prepare and send a model (in June 15th). It was meant to be fun, a little something to show friendship and camaraderie among fellow gamers. We had 22 people sign to the event and people are posting some of their WiP pictures. You can follow their work on this thread... everyone is putting a lot of effort on their models.

Anyway, for my Prisoner I decided to do a 'special' Gretchin booby-trap. Here is the story behind my Prisoner, followed by some WiP pictures (more at the Death Squad's forum!) Hope you like it.

Kome Adore Da Wun On Da Gold'n Throne!!!
- Waz do ya' wantz?
Da Warboss was in a VERY foul mood. Imperial Forces kept pouring in from the sky, but non would wage Waaagh! The Mek Boy grinned... he had The Perfect Plan!

- Boss! Mez know how to push da humies out of da shack, for some shagg'n! Dey kome out, an we pullz in... then you got yer WAAAGH! See... itz simple! Humies love da Amparor... he be squatt'n on da Gold'n Throne. I found me a Grotz, and his name be Amparor! We stik a krown and sit 'im on a throne... on top of some dakka. Da humies will be runnin' to Da Amparor, lik flies to rott'n meatz and wenz dey get close... BOOM! No more humies and you gotz a Waaagh! Da only probl'm is that da grotz may not make it.

- Not to worry about da Grotz... I got plen'y o' em feed'im da Squigs.
My piece is another Gretchin Booby Trap! It was supposed to be playable, as an Ork Booby Trap, but it seems it grew a little... and now is is more of a display piece. You could see the Gretchin "Amparor" sitting on this tiny gold-color toilet, on top of a captured Imperial Ammo Crate. The Orks did their very best to get the 'throne' room right... from the little table with toilet paper to the floor rug (as corny as my mother loves them!) He is sitting in front of a sign that reads "Kome Adore Da Wun On Da Gold'n Throne!!!" In one hand he has a royal scepter and in the other a dead-man switch (trigger) on the other. The trigger goes down to the ammo crate, where is link to some bombs and TNT!

As a bonus, I made a Leg-Lamp with a Space Marine leg! The box on one side will say "FRA-GEE-LI" in bold letters and "It must be" followed by an Italian Flag in a corner... in reference to the movie "The Christmas Story" (see the YouTube video on the thread!) On the front, it will say "Imperial Property, Open On Pain of Death!" in reference to the Imperial Primer, in which all infractions are "on pain of death". On the other of the crate, it will be the "Prisoner Exchange, June 2010" and my signature. The Gretchin will have an open book on his lap (as he could read!) that will have some text and the Death Squads logo... so he will be trying to learn how to play :DS with a copy of the TLRB v05.1.b! HA!

Personally I'm super happy with the Green Stuff work. For the 1st time I manage to do convincing muscle... even it it was on the Gretchin's back (you will not be able to see much of it) and his ass! HA! The crown was hard, but I'm happy with the 'beat-up' look it has. Now... for some WIP pictures!

In few days to prime and paint. Comments and criticisms are more than welcomed! I could certainly use the help... I'm scared I will screw the piece! Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy   Tue 25 May 2010 - 5:36

VERY COOL! Bathroom humor in 40K...it's good to think somethings endure through time . VERY IMAGINATIVE/CREATIVE!
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PostSubject: Re: Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy   Tue 25 May 2010 - 19:54

This is freaking DaBomb! Literally. LOL

Nice work!
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PostSubject: Re: Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy   

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Death Squads: Prisoner Exchange (my model WiP) - Pic Heavy
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