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 Gnoblars in Mordheim 1.0

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PostSubject: Gnoblars in Mordheim 1.0   Fri 14 May 2010 - 19:09

Here they are. Rules for using Gnoblars in Mordheim 1.0. My project. A quick question is there a way of attaching documents, just for future reference.

Blood Gnoblars live high in the Mountains of Mourn; these are the most cunning of all Gnoblars. Blood
Gnoblars look like an old Gnoblar apart from their hide which can range from browns to dark reds. They
have a heightened sense of hearing compared to a typical Goblinoid; this helps them catch their prey. In
Gnoblar society Blood Gnoblars were responsible for teaching other Gnoblars the best hunting techniques.
Other Gnoblar try to imitate Blood Gnoblars by covering the in actual blood.
Blood Gnoblar warbands flock to Mordheim looking for a mystical stone that was rumored to grant
ultimate luck, a great prize among any Gnoblar.

Choice of Warriors:
A Blood Gnoblar warband must include a minimum of 3 models. You have 500 gold crowns, which you
can use to recruit and equip your warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband is 20.
· Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho: Each Gnoblar warband must have one Blood Gnoblar Head
Honcho; no more, no less!
· Blood Gnoblar Gorespittles: Your warband may include up to 2 Blood Gnoblar Gorespittles.
· Blood Gnoblar Flingers: Your warband may include up to 2 Blood Gnoblar Flingers.
· Blood Gnoblars: Your warband may include up to 8 Blood Gnoblars.
· Blood Gnoblar Followers: Your warband may include any number of Blood Gnoblar Followers.
· Trapped Animals: Your warband may include up to 5 Trapped Animals. You may never have
more Trapped Animals in your warband than you have Blood Gnoblars (henchmen choice).
· Enslaved Ogre: Your warband may include up to one Enslaved Ogre.

Special Rules
· Bicker: Gnoblars constantly bicker, bully, bite and backstab each other, even on the battlefield.
Whether it’s about a lucky coin or who took the last chicken scrap Gnoblars just can’t agree on
anything. At the start of your turn a D6 for each Gnoblar, if they roll a 1 they do nothing that turn
as they pick their nose of shout at a Gnoblar who isn’t there about his lucky coin.
· Lucky Little Gits: Gnoblars have a tendency to have lucky streaks; this is often useful on the
battlefield. At the start of each battle the Gnoblar player rolls a D6 and he/she are allowed that
many re-rolls in that battle, note: the second result always stands and you may never re-roll a
failed rolled.
· Largely Insignificant: Gnoblars get a kick out of watching other Gnoblars running away, or
coming to an untimely death. For this reason you need to kill an extra model Gnoblars as usual to
cause a rout test.
· Greenskins: Blood Gnoblars are greenskins in all respects.
Starting Experience:
· A Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho starts with 20 experience.
· A Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle starts with 8 experience.
· A Blood Gnoblar Flinger starts with 8 experience.
· Henchmen start with 0 experience.
Blood Gnoblars Skill Tables
· Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho may choose from the Combat, Shooting, Strength, Speed or Special.
· Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle may choose from the Combat, Strength, Speed or Special.
· Boss Combat may choose from the Combat, Shooting, Speed or Special.
Blood Gnoblars Equipment List
Blood Gnoblars
Hand to Hand Weapons
Dagger 1st free/ 2 gc
Log (club) 3 gc
Sword 10 gc
Big Stick (spear) 10 gc
Missile Weapons*
Sling 2 gc
Short Bow 5gc
Light Armour 20 gc
Shield 5 gc
Helmet 10 gc
*Flingers and Head Honchos only
**Head Honchos only
Sharp Stuff: All Gnoblars love to hurl rock or pieces of metal into unsuspecting faces, and for this
reason they always carry objects like this for such an opportunity.
All Gnoblars are considered to be armed with sharp stuff. Sharp stuff is a ranged weapon with the
following profile: Range: 8, Strength: 2, *2 Multiple Shot, Thrown Weapon

1 Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho; 45 gold crowns to hire.
These Blood Gnoblars are the trickiest and sneakiest. They are in charge of all the other Blood Gnoblars,
and the ‘luck stone’. Every Blood Gnoblar wishes to be his place, this causes a lot of bickers.
4 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7
Weapons/Armor: A Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho may be equipped with weapons from the Blood
Gnoblar equipment list.
Special Rules:
· Leader: Any model in the warband within 6” of the Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho may use his
Leadership instead of their own.
· Lucky: Gnoblars who have progressed to a high status usually tend to be quite lucky, and have
survived a lot of rival Gnoblar backstabbing and plotting. For this reason Gnoblar Head honchos
get a free re-roll of one dice per game. Remember, the second result always stands and you can
never re-roll a re-rolled dice. When the leader dies this skill is handed on to the new leader.

0-2 Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle; 40 gold crowns to hire
Gorespittles are expert trappers, waiting all day for the perfect kill. They love nothing more than seeing a
animal trapped in their trap crying from pain, then eating the animal.
4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 6
Weapons/Armor: A Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle may be equipped with weapons from the Blood Gnoblar
equipment list.
Special Rules:
· Animal Keeper: A Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle is an expert at trapping and keeping animals, for
this reason if your warband includes a Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle you may have up to 5 Trapped

0-2 Blood Gnoblar Flingers; 40 gold crowns to hire
These Blood Gnoblars have a great eye, making them perfect for holding the warbands most prized range
weapon, their stolen shot bows.
4 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 6
Weapons/Armor: A Blood Gnoblar Flinger may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Blood
Gnoblar equipment list.

Henchmen (In groups of 1-5)
0+ Blood Gnoblars; 25 gold crowns to hire.
These are the most common of Blood Gnoblars, they are skilled in shooting and trapping but still have a lot
to learn.
4 2 4 3 3 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: A Blood Gnoblar may be equipped with weapons from the Blood Gnoblar equipment

0-2 Blood Gnoblar Followers; 20 gold crowns to hire
Some Gnoblars go to the extreme by covering themselves in red paint of blood to be accepted by the Blood
Gnoblars. However, after the Blood Gnoblar see that can’t trap and their paint or blood starts to come off
they realize they are not Blood Gnoblars. But instead of banishing them the pretend to accept them and
make carry all their equipment saying every Blood Gnoblar must pass that test.
4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: A Blood Gnoblar Follower may be equipped with weapons from the Blood Gnoblar
Follower equipment list.
Special Rules:
· Wannabies: They are not real Blood Gnoblar causing the other Blood Gnoblars to not respect
them, for this reason if they roll they may never become heroes. Re-roll ‘The Lad’s Got Talent’

0-5 Trapped Animals; 15 gold crowns to hire
Trapped Animals are animals that the Gorespittle has caught but hasn’t ended up eating them yet. These
animals have proved helpful in the cursed city.
2D6 4 0 4 3 1 4 1 5
Weapons/Armor: Teeth and Claws. Trapped Animals never use or need weapons or armor.
Special Rules:
· Trapped Animal: Trapped Animals do not have a set Movement characteristic. After being caught
in a trap they have become very stressed but also hurt, sometimes their injury takes over causing
them to move slowly but them something can catch them by surprise making the sprint forwards.
To represent this, when moving Trapped Animals, roll 2D6 for the distance they move. Trapped
Animals never run and never declare charges. Instead they are allowed to contact enemy models
within their normal 2D6” movement. If this happens, they count as charging for the following
round of close combat, just as if they had declared a charge.
· Run Away: Each Trapped Animal must always remain within 6” of a Blood Gnoblar or within 12”
of a Blood Gnoblar Gorespittle, who keeps the creature in line. If a Trapped Animal finds itself
without a Blood Gnoblar within 6” (or 12”) at the start of it’s Movement phase, it will go wild and
try and find its way back to its home. From that point on, move the Trapped Animal 2D6” in a
random direction during each of its movement phases. If it’s random movement takes it into
contact with another model (friend or foe), it will engage the model in hand-to-hand combat as
normal. The Trapped Animal is out of the Gnoblar player’s control until the end of the game.
· Animals: Trapped Animals are animals of a sort and so do not gain experience.

0-1 Enslaved Ogre; 200 gold crowns to hire
Ogres would never willingly fight for Gnoblars but with the help of a band of Gnoblars caring clubs and
chains he starts he crusade into the cursed city.
6 3 1 5 4 3 1 3 6
Weapons/Armor: Enslaved Ogres do not require weapons to fight but often carry a big club. In any event,
Enslaved Ogres can never be given weapons or armor.
Special Rules:
· Fear: Enslaved Ogres are frightening monsters which cause Fear.
· Concussion: An Enslaved Ogre is being hit over the head by a Blood Gnoblar trying to keep it in
line causing it to forget thing. An Enslaved Ogre may not gain experience.
Blood Gnoblars' Special Skills
· Strong Arm: The Blood Gnoblar with this skill adds +1 Strength to his Sharp Stuff attacks.
· Trapper: A Blood Gnoblar with this skill has caused many injuries with his traps. If a Blood
Gnoblar is in a building for its whole movement phase he may set traps. If any enemy model
enters that building he stuffers D3 strength 2 hits as the traps are released. The traps are then
destroyed and must be set up again to cause damage again. Blood Gnoblar Head Honcho only.
· Infiltrate: As Skaven skill.
· Scrapper: A Gnoblar with this skill may search for 2D6 gold coin instead of looking for rare
· Torch Gnoblar: A Blood Gnoblar with this skill may deduct 2D6gc from the cost of black powder
weapons. In addition they add +2 to finding black powder weapons.
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Gnoblars in Mordheim 1.0
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