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 Campaign Rules/Suggestions

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PostSubject: Campaign Rules/Suggestions   Wed 16 Apr 2008 - 18:46

Hi Guys,

There was a recent Thread on the Yahoo Mordheim Group about running a Campaign, and I realized I had no idea how to do this.

I saw a video on youtube where the guys had a map of the city, and rules about moving around in the city... and you end up fighting people you run into as you make decisions to move around the city... Does anyone know how this works, or the rules to running this kind of campaign?

On a Similar topic:

How to keep a campaign balanced when some people play 10 times a month, and others only play twice.

One email in the yahoo groups said:
Skipper wrote:
...One option we looked at in an open format is to set a warband value
limit or cap. Any waraband that reaches this limit will find its members beginning to fragment and a few goig "out on their own" to start their own bands. Inotherwords, the player has to pare the warband down below the warband cap.

I don't really like penalizing the best players... (reminds me too much of communism Very Happy ), so I'm not really down with this one.

Another guy came up with this:

Dalton wrote:
We put a maximum on the number of games that can be registered between league turns.

Any game beyond those registered for a player are not counted - this means that if you need to fight 3 games but someone else has already registered fighting 3 games, if you play a game with them, it does not count toward your game total.

It also allowed players to practise between each other as the extra games where not counted in the totals.

I really liked this idea as it kept everyone with a similar amount of games played without actually penalizing anyone.

If I were to use this system, I would probably change the above rules to this:

Quote :
Put a maximum on the number of games (lets say 3) that can be registered between league turns. Any game beyond those registered for a player are not counted.

Example: Bob vs. Bill. Bob has played 1 game, and Bill has played 3 already (this league turn). Bob counts this as a game, and rolls after action stats, etc. while Bill's warband doesn't change at all (since he has already played 3 games).

Also, if you are the weakest warband (maybe through rating or win/loss ratio or wyrdstone collected(?)), you are allowed to play 1 extra game.

That's my thoughts... although I've never run a campaign. Let me know what you think.

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign Rules/Suggestions   Thu 17 Apr 2008 - 1:23

Last fall I played in a campaign, where we tried to implement the following rules:

1) Participating bands were allowed to have played max 6 games.

2) Each round of the campaign had a game-cap set at 6 + turn# of campaing, so that if a player failed to participate in a round, he could catch up by playing two games in the next round.

3) We used the mordheim map, subdevided into smaller sectors, over which bands could fight for control ...or just to be allowed to pass through.

4) "named sections" usually conferred some kind of bonus to the controllor ...ei. Raven Barracks gave +1 warband size, ...Statue of Count X (dont remember the name) could act as a rallying point for good warbands, granting a rout-test reroll if fighting takes place no further than 2 areas away ....etc etc.

5) ...Tried to implement some kind of initiative system, which would allow lower rating bands to move first ...which together with the one match per round-rule would enble them to insulate them from attack if they just attacked someone first! (we never got this to work in a satisfactory manner - since low rating warbands constantly attacked higherrating bands to gain underdog bonus - which resulted in some rather onesided boring games - ie. my dwarfs fighting an O&G band where not only my guys were MUCH STONGER in ranged as well as CC....but I also outnumbered him ! )
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Campaign Rules/Suggestions
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