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 Talabheimer Warband Ideas?

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PostSubject: Re: Talabheimer Warband Ideas?   Thu 15 Apr 2010 - 18:21

A good point - I guess being far from Talabheim has its advantages Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Talabheimer Warband Ideas?   Fri 16 Apr 2010 - 14:39

Ah! I'm not an advocate for implementing limitations on existing rules of the game. Expand, or elaborate their scope in order to promote more dramatic selections in a narrative campaign, hell yes! That's evolution baby.

The Priest of Taal appears in the Horned Hunters warband in the same format as the Ostlanders. Aside from the Warrior-priest of Sigmar, the Taalite clergyman is the only faithful representation of a priest in the existing game rules. Everything else is half-baked.

Therefore I don't see the skill list poses any problem. But then I don't think there's much of anything unfair about elves either. Wink



p.s. If you want drunken Draconians, check out the excellent Dragonlance Chronicles. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Talabheimer Warband Ideas?   Fri 16 Apr 2010 - 17:18

I would say not to confuse "draconian" with "puritanical." There are many real-world locales with laws some consider draconian where imbibing, even drunkenness, are esteemed, if not outright enshrined.

The fluff I've read about Talabheim even mentions the contradictory nature of the laws. What seems to be enforced are really draconian penalties for breaking laws - likely for public spectacle; likely to help divert attention from the true state of the city.

In any case, I did decide to drop the flogging rule. As hero rightly pointed out, it would be too easy to forget, and in my analysis I'd even tagged it as a rarely-used rule.

With this warband (unlike the Blood Theatre Troupe), I purposefully copied and did not change source material, and I stand by the Priest of Taal as-is in this matter. Sure, he's got many skill lists, but since he has spells to consider, he won't have the opportunity to take all that much advantage of the skill lists. Honestly, he's the only true added strength to this warband. Yes, swapping out Swordsmen (WS4 with Expert Swordsman) for Ruffians (WS2, Drunk, no missile weapons possible) could be an advantage in some cases, but that WS2 will often hurt (Drunk is only a situational advantage, whereas a significantly lower WS is a near-global disadvantage).

After mulling over the warband for quite a while now, werekin has convinced me just to let The Horned Hunters play in the ruins. They're not there to hoard the wyrdstone (any more than the Witch Hunters are) - I'm sure they're there to reclaim and cleanse the land... They wouldn't get the advantage of Woodcraft, and perhaps I'll take the cue from Myntokk to re-target the heroes' Hatred.
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PostSubject: Re: Talabheimer Warband Ideas?   Wed 28 Apr 2010 - 8:59

Many years ago when I started playing Mordheim I tried creating Talabheim warband. I was younger and I didnít have enough expierience with Mordheim yet & warband was a little bit so powergaming...

I found a lot of information about Talbheim in Warpstones magazines to

Quote :
The Eye of the Forest

Warpstone have published a comprehensive background to the Imperial city of Talabheim. It ran from issue 16 to issue 23 and proved immensely popular. Here we offer some preview material to wet your appetite

Some parts You have here: http://www.warpstone.org/pdfs/talabheim/talabheim_preview.pdf & here: http://www.warpstone.org/pdfs/talabheim/talabheim_editors_notes.pdf

When I was studying this articles I had few conclusions:

- In the Great Forest, Old Faith is still alive so maybe Talabheim
warband should have a druid in heros? Or the priest of Ulric - "Eye of the
Forest" is the second town after Middenheim in Empire with the
biggest number of Ulrics worshipers

- In Talabheim fluff there is Brotherhood of Taal. Simple templar was called
BearBrother, we can use this guys as a champions.

- 3/4 of Talabecland territory is taken by Great Forest, so there must live a lot of woodmans. So this warband should have some extra skils to use axes. I don't know how do that in the game... Or maybe convert swordsmans to woodmans with abilities to use axes like swords - extra re-roll in failed charge and possible to use dwarf axes.

- optionally they should have a bit cheaper bows/xbowss on start - they have trees everywhere!

- Some of the Talabeclanders really don't like/hate the wizards. There was something like "wizard wars" eagainst rebel neromancers and demonologists. It was eight years before destruction of Mordheim or something like that. I don't remember exactly. So maybe give "Burn the witch" on Captain?

This part
seems o.k for me.

Next I create muskeeters as marksmans and chaosjeagers (ulricans witchhunters which are looking for marks/signs of chaos in the nobility families ). And here I make some powerfull mistakes

My english is a little poor so you must forgive me Ė I donít write anything about special skills/rules of this last 2 groups ;]
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PostSubject: Re: Talabheimer Warband Ideas?   

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Talabheimer Warband Ideas?
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