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 Fluff for the Sons of Russ

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PostSubject: Fluff for the Sons of Russ   Tue 6 Apr 2010 - 19:34

So this is the fluff for my "Beastmen" warband. Inspired by the Space Wolves which I love, its basically a cross between Space Wolf and Norse fluff. Check out my WIP thread of the models here: http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/painting-and-modelling-f3/wolfen-s-wip-stuff-large-pics-inside-t2485.htm

Sons of Russ

The land of Norsca lies to the far north of the Empire across the stormy Sea of Claws. This is a harsh realm of snow, where deadly forests of ice and mountains of frost reach skywards to the heavens, marching down to its impregnable coast. Humans that live here are powerfully built, with tall, well muscled frames and long limbs. They are characterised by the pale hue of their skin, and common hair colours of red or fair blond. The Norsemen are a warrior people whose society is based entirely around battle. They live in barbarian tribes, much like the Unberogens who were, centuries earlier, the founders of the Empire. It is for these reasons that they are viewed as a very primitive and uncivilised race by their neighbours.

The Sons of Russ are one of the relatively unknown tribes of the Norsemen. As headstrong as they are fierce, they are experts at close-quarter fighting, and their warriors compete keenly for glory on the battlefield. They take their name from their legendary founder, a mighty demigod named Le知an Russ.

Le知an was the son of Ulric, god of war, winter and wolves. His legend states that he was raised by a pack of the massive wolves that prowl the snowy lands. Among them, he grew to adulthood. He was eventually discovered by a man named Thengir, a powerful Jarl of one of the Norse tribes. Thengir took the man into his care and treated him as his son. Le知an learned the ways of man quickly, and many legends sprung up about him, such as how he could defeat a hundred men in only three minutes, or consume an entire cask of mead in a single swallow. Upon his adopted father's death, the leadership of the tribe passed to Le知an. Le知an became a mighty leader, winning many victories, often fighting alongside packs of the mighty wolves amongst whom he was raised. His children have followed his example ever since and utilize the strength of the wolf packs in their battles.

Le知an vanished into the Chaos wastes on a quest to battle the followers of the dark gods of Chaos. He was last seen by his tribe during the Feast of Ulric, where it is said that he climbed onto the long table to give a speech, but froze. After a long silence, where it appeared that he was overcome with a vision, Le知an Russ fell to his knees, then turned and issued hushed instructions to his most faithful retainers. He simply announced to his loyal brothers that he would be leaving, but would return "for the final battle, for the Wolftime". He then strode out into the wastes, taking all but one of his retinue with him. The Sons of Russ now hold the Feast of Russ on this anniversary, always setting a place for Le知an at the head of the table should he return.

The Sons of Russ have a tribal organisation, with each of their tribes led by a Jarl. The position of Jarl is both hereditary and earned, if the Jarl cannot maintain his control through strength of arms and will then another may rise to take his place. Other members of the tribe must also prove themselves to earn their standing. Young warriors eager to prove themselves are known as Bondsmen as they are bonded into service to other members of the tribe until they have made a name for themselves in battle. Those who have made their names are known as Freemen. They own land and may have bondsmen assigned to their service. Some Freeman, having achieved feats of exceptional valour and martial prowess, may become members of the Wolf Guard. These mighty warriors provide a retinue for the Jarl or may even lead small forces of warriors themselves. They are equipped with the best wargear, and are considered almost unstoppable in combat. The spiritual leaders of the tribe are the Shaman, prophets of Ulric who are gifted with a portion of his divine power.

The Sons of Russ fight in packs, like the wolves which they revere. Their armor is adorned with runes and wolf emblems in honor of Ulric. A pack is made up of its leader, usually the Jarl of the tribe, and the warriors he has selected to accompany him for whatever task is at hand. In the case of Mordheim, a young Jarl is seeking to prove his worth to the tribe. He leads his handpicked retinue to the City of the Damned to earn glory and honor through conquest.
Special Rules
Though the Sons of Russ are human they have developed a peculiar loping gait, mimicking the movement of the wolf, in order to cover ground faster. For this reason they have a movement characteristic of 5. (just threw this in to explain why "humans" have movement 5...)
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Fluff for the Sons of Russ
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