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 Town Cryer How to

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PostSubject: Town Cryer How to   Sat 27 Mar 2010 - 11:31

If you guys are interested to know how I put them together, well I will tell you. It's quite easy once you get the initial scans in.

I took a couple of days and scanned the crap out of Town Cryers and such. Taking the small pictures, labeling them, and putting them into a folder for future reference. I will tell you this was what took the longest. I am tempted to do some more scans, but this time of the main rule book. I haven't tried, but maybe just grabbing them from the pdf would be easier...then again.

Anyway, once you got those, the rest is just a matter of imagination, little bit of record keeping and a word processor. I will readily admit to reusing some of the old Town Cryers ads and making them my own. Or just even grabbing a headline from current papers as an inspiration. The record keeping part is just me writing down what happened in the battles that took place during our recent meet.

I am using Pages on an iMac. MS Word or Works will work just as well if not better. The word processing part, there are a few things to remember. I split the page into three columns. Trying to get the thing together without doing that would be a huge undertaking. I also prep by using some pictures or other data in my header/footer. And finally, the main font I use is Caslon Antique. The font should be a staple in most processors. Once you get that part down, save it. In fact save it as a template or save it and make it read only else you may accidentally over write and have to start anew. Then when you make a new Town Cryer, you already have the foundation and just need to fill in the spaces, so to speak

Then the fun part begins. Make things up, embellish events, add different graphics, make a Necromunda version with alternate fonts and pics. Just have fun and be creative. I would like to see other peoples attempts. I am sure others can do ones better than me.

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Town Cryer How to
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