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 Alternative Round Sequence Rules

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PostSubject: Alternative Round Sequence Rules   Fri 5 Mar 2010 - 4:55


Our gaming group almost always plays multiplayer games as we only have (barely) enough terrain for a single table and we want to play not watch! However, multiplayer games are notorious for long times between turns. Boring. Therefore I have been very interested in the alternative rules for round sequences.
Currently our gaming group is playing what is probably a variation of Eliazar's or Wyldhunt's rules. It goes like this:

  1. Warbands all recover
  2. Roll-off for moving
  3. Warbands move in order dictated by roll-off
  4. Roll-off for shooting
  5. Warbands shoot in order dictated by roll-off
  6. One phase of close combat for everyone (attacking is resolved in order that charging occurred in movement phase otherwise attacking based on Initiative)
This works reasonably well and games are shorter because there is less close combat. However, I find close combat messy when charging is involved. Here is a scenario to show why. Player 1 (P1) charges player 2 (P2) and then player 3 (P3) charges P1. P1 is now in a bad situation because he can either attack P2 (strike first) or defend against P3 (strike last) but cannot do both. Either way though P2 or P3 will get free hits against P1 without fear of retaliation. Yuck!

I have also tried playing with a deck of cards based on the first link above. I loved it but it resulted in a lot of extra close combat each round. Here is a scenario to show why. Warrior 1 (W1) charges W2. W2 retaliates and W1 taken OOA. W3 charges W2. W2 retaliates and W3 taken OOA. W4 charges W2, etc, etc, etc. If W1, W3, W4, etc all belong to the same player then effectively W2 is getting a lot of extra attacks over the official rules.

I came home last night after playing a game peeved at our current roll-off method of playing. My mind was ticking and I wrote down some rules that I feel removes my gripes with the deck of cards method. The rules can be found here: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dddnbvgj_33hqcdwvfg and any feedback or comments would be appreciated. I have already sent it through to my gaming group but I have not received any feedback from them yet.

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Alternative Round Sequence Rules
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