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 A fresh mordheim campaign with new people

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PostSubject: A fresh mordheim campaign with new people   Sat 14 Nov 2009 - 0:26

Well I decided that I might as well get some mordheim together seeming I have a dickload of models around my house, and have convinced 3 mates from school to give it a go. Currently we are planning to meet every couple of weeks (public holidays ect). I personaly have;

Orcs and Goblins
Shadow Warriors (teh ghey i know...decided to decrease to 10 max models)
my nippon

I am working out a set of house rules, and I am hoping everyone can post up some of their own suggestions so I can make the campaign as enjoyable as possible.

1. in combat when using a shield with a single handed weapon the armour save given is increased by +1
2. hunting arrows/bolts cost extra but are permament

Wrote up lists but word lost them so here are the ruff ones;

Orcs and goblins;
boss with two handed weapon
2 big 'uns with axes and shields
2 orc boys with clubs and shields
4 night goblins with shortbows
1 night goblin with squig prodder
5 cave squigs

vampire with 2 swords
necromancer with spear
3 dregs with bows and clubs
6 zombies
4 ghouls

thane with dwarf axe and shield
engineer with 2 pistols
2 troll slayers with 2 axes each
2 thunderers with handguns
2 beardlings with axes and shields

shadow warriors;
shadow master with longbow, horn of nagarythe and 2 daggers
2 shadow walkers with longbows and 2 daggers
1 shadow walker with standard of nagarythe
1 shadow weaver with 2 daggers
2 shadow warriors with 2 daggers

daimyo with katana and longbow
2 samurai with katana and longbow
ninja with 2 clubs, longbow
2 ronin with katana
2 ashigaru with handgun
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PostSubject: Re: A fresh mordheim campaign with new people   Thu 19 Nov 2009 - 0:27

FOR THE FORSAKEN!..oh wait wrong game. GO UNDEAD!
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A fresh mordheim campaign with new people
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