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 Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?

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PostSubject: Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?   Sat 7 Nov 2009 - 13:59

I've seen rules in the General's Compendium for Warhammer Fantasy regarding ship battles, but they just seem too complex. From what I remember you have to calculate the wind and all that, I just don't want to keep track of that. Plus they are using the WFB rules instead of the Mordheim ones. So I was wondering if anybody has put out rules to duke it out on the high seas using Mordheim rules?

I was wondering just because I think ship battles would be really cool. Plus I enjoy Mordheim's ruleset more than the WFB's. Plus I'd like to actually make a ship for a part of my board. If anything, just a neat piece of terrain. My idea was to make a section of 2'x4' board that is part of the coast with a dock or maybe a long canal running down it. I think it would be cool if there was a scenario where the crew of the ship has to try to escape. So the boat only moves a few inches a turn, and it has to reach the other side of the board. Meanwhile the other team has to jump on board and fight them. I think it would be an interesting scenario, and I've never seen any pictures of anything like that before either. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'd love to see!
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PostSubject: Re: Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?   Sat 7 Nov 2009 - 14:07

If you want to go for River/Canal battles... there are rather simple rules for boats and water fights in the Empire In Flames book... And hack yeah, boats make for great scenery, and docks really liven up the scene! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?   Sat 7 Nov 2009 - 14:56

Well I've tried to post a few things over the last 11 months...

For scenarios I suggest this thread--


We use Warhammer Ahoy rules with lots of modifications that change from game to game. For just plain rowing boats we use the rules that appeared in TC #24 for Empire in Flames.

Descriptions and photos of our games and ships can be found in the Battle Reports forum.




The Flame On group uses General's Compendium Rules with some modification.


I like the General's Compendium rules and Warhammer Ahoy! If you are going to play ships, the tricks of wind and current are a big part of the fun. Nothing is more satisfying than winning when the winds against ye. But to each his own.
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PostSubject: Re: Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?   

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Are there rules for ship battle for Mordheim?
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