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PostSubject: Halloween!   Mon 26 Oct 2009 - 23:48

Thought you guys might enjoy this cool Halloween scenario I wrote.

Halloween! The Zombie Curse!

In the last few weeks the streets of Mordheim have grown even more dangerous than usual. A plague of zombies has been cast upon the city. The zombies are swarming the streets and spreading their plague upon every living thing. Forays into the city have become almost too risky and those who quest for Wyrdstone have become desperate. The flow of Wyrdstone has slowed to a crawl. This means the value has gone up, but it’s been impossible to find. An ancient tome was found which describes such a plague and gives a cure. Upon All Hallow’s Eve the bell in the center of the city must be rung 13 times at the height of the moon and the curse will be lifted. The mayor of Sigmarhaven has
posted a reward of 1,000gc for any who manages to rid the city of the curse so that the flow of Wyrdstone may continue.

Set up the table as normal. Place the bell tower at the center of the table.

Set Up
The table perimeter is split up into 16 12” sections. Dice off, the winner picks first and deploys first. Deploy along the table edge. You may not pick a 12” section that is adjacent to another player unless there are
no other options.

Start of Game
Zombies have the first turn. Dice off. The winner goes second, then clockwise.

End of Game
The game ends when the bell has been rung 13 times. All the zombies under the curse collapse and soon crumble to dust. You may ring the
bell once for each attack on your profile. Only one model may ring the bell per turn and must be within 1” to ring it. The player who rings the bell the 13th time is the winner. If the bell has not been rung for 2 full turns then you must start over.

At the end of your movement phase roll 1D6 for each building that a friendly model is within 3” of. On a 4+ you have raised the attention of zombies! If the roll was a 4 then 1 zombie has been roused. If the roll was a 5 then 2 zombies have been roused. If the roll was a 6 then 3
zombies have been roused. Zombies appear in the center of the building or in the center of the nearest room of that building. Which ever is closer. They move as normal at the start of their next turn. Zombies never appear in the bell tower.

Apply any of the following modifiers to your roll.
+1 if the model ran.
+1 if the model charged. If the model moved more than it’s normal move distance then it also counts a having ran.
+1 if the model fired a black powder weapon the previous turn.
+1 if the model cast a spell in the previous turn.
+1 if the model is in an ongoing combat.
+1 if there is more than 1 model within 3” of the building. Enemy models count toward this total. The zombies will always appear closer to the players models who’s turn it is.

Once at least 1 zombie has been roused then more zombies start arriving from a random deployment zone at the table edge. 1D6 zombies appear at the center of the deployment zone at the start of
each zombie turn. They may move normally the turn they arrive.

Zombie Movement
Zombies will always charge the closest target. Zombies will always move towards the closest enemy model. They have a sense for living flesh and will move towards the closest model even if they cannot see it. They will move up stairs and ladders but will not climb. They
will move off an edge in an attempt to get at living flesh. Their sense for flesh means they always pass their detection roll to charge enemies they cannot see.

Once the bell has started ringing the zombies are filled with vigor. Any zombie who cannot charge will move towards the bell. Double the number of zombies that appear for each roll. Zombies receive +2 movement and +1 attack. Zombies never appear in the bell tower.

Zombies go out of action on a 4+. Zombies will only take your hero out of action on a 6 and your henchmen on a 5+.

Your forces!
You may bring any 1 hero and 2 henchmen. If your hero is a vampire, possessed, ogre, or other similar hero you may only bring 1 henchmen.
If your hero is a goblin or other puny warrior you may bring 3 henchmen. You may not bring an ogre as a henchmen. Unless you bring an ogre hero. You may bring any equipment in your starting warband list following the normal rules for carrying equipment. 1 model may wear heavy armor if available. Any models may wear light armor if available. Gromril and Ithilmar armor are not available.

Your hero may have 6 upgrades. You may not take the same stat upgrade more than once and you may only take 1 skill after first taking a stat upgrade. So you will never have more then 3 skills. Casting heroes may roll for an additional spell instead of a skill.

Your henchmen may take 3 stat upgrades. They may not take the same upgrade more than once.

There is no routing. Players may attack each other as normal.

Good Luck!!
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