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PostSubject: Book reviews   Book reviews Icon_minitimeSun 25 Oct 2009 - 14:03

Hey there guys its me my buddy just recently started to write book reviews. And hes having troubles with the registartion. He's going to be posting short reviews on warhammer novels (both 40k and fantasy) about once every week on my profile until his is up.

("Hey guys, im the soon to be Blood for Metal? as soon as it registers.")
("So first off ill be reviewing 'Emperor's Mercy by Henry Zou. basically it follows the young imperial Inquisitor Obadiah Roth how is sent on assignmet to find anceient artifacts left over from the Old Kings of Medina. But when the system comes under attack by the Ironclad chaos forces hell breaks loose. This and the cloack and daggers with the administrating group of the Ordo Hereticus causeing poor ol. er young Roth problems. Of course like other inquisitor books Roth runs into a motle crew of both friendlys and the not so friendlys all in his search of the artifacts before Chaos lays clai to them.")

("This book is great for those that love a good story line with plenty of shooty and death and the more grusome stuff. Yes i'm looking at you Roth with that power fist punching. and just as Dan Abnett says 'Crunchy vivid and memorable. . . .next time i need a galaxy burned I'm sending for Mr. Zou' So i'mm giving this book 4 cheers out of 5 Book reviews Icon_cheers Book reviews Icon_cheers Book reviews Icon_cheers Book reviews Icon_cheers ")

("Thats all from me, when i get set up the next book on the choping block is none other than Mathias Thulmann Witch Hunter Omnibus by none other than C.L. Warner")

("Later guys!")
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Book reviews
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