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 Wolfpriest & Ultramarine Terminators

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PostSubject: Wolfpriest & Ultramarine Terminators   Sun 4 Oct 2009 - 14:04

Hey guys! I just finished the GamesDay 2003 Limited Edition Wolfpriest model & Ultramarine Terminators. They will be on sale in eBay. With the money I make I will be commissioning DeafNala for some models. So... spread the word, so I can pay the man! Wink The eBay link for my items.

You can see lots of more pictures at the Death Squads Forum
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfpriest & Ultramarine Terminators   Mon 5 Oct 2009 - 1:57

VERY NICE WORK! I must admit a certain fondness for the Space Wolves; they ALMOST come across as Good Guys as opposed to the normal Space Nazis feel. GOOD LUCK on E-bay.
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Wolfpriest & Ultramarine Terminators
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