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 Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On

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PostSubject: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Mon 28 Sep 2009 - 15:02

7/29 - Updated!


When purchasing Hero, either at Warband creation or replacement Leaders, you may purchase modifiers to make the Leader more skilled or flawed. Here are the limitations:

~ 1 Advantage, 1 Disadvantage or 1 Mixed Blessing per hero; OR, a Hero may have 1 Advantage and 1 Disadvantage.

~ The number of Advantages in your warband cannot be greater than the number of Disadvantages (gc cost does not have have a factor). Replacement Heroes may also purchase 'Personalities', but cannot give you more Advantages than Disadvantages

~Promoted Henchmen may only gain Mixed Blessings or Disadvantages; they may not gain Advantages. No gc 'rebate' is given for taking disadvantages (only a sense of fun.)

~Based on the cost of the Personality, the hero may be more expensive or cheaper; this price is added/subtracted from the hero's cost. Note that a hero's cost will never drop below 10gc, regardless of the price of the Disadvantage (Ex. a Youngblood may take the -15gc disadvantage 'Ailing', but will still cost 10gc.)

(I have yet to play test them, but I recommend a cap, if solely for bookkeeping: either a leaders only, a max of 3 heroes only, or 1 personality per hero.)


Ambi-dexterity: The warrior doesn't suffer penalties for having 2 weapons. (This is only available if your gaming group play with penalties for using two weapons). +5gc

Legendary Aim: The warrior may re-roll one critical hit (that he caused) once per game. +5gc

Blessed – All attacks from your Hero counts as Magical. +5gc

Crafty – The hero always has his hidden Dagger (from his personal equipment) kept close by, and can change it out at a moment, even in combat. He will never ever have to fight unarmed in any situation or scenario, so long as he owns one or more daggers. +5gc

Gentleman of the Road – During a Skill advance, your hero may learn 1 Non-Spell skill from any warband of the same race (ex. A Marienburger can learn a skill from Ostlanders, Sisters of Sigmar, Pirates, Norse, Araby Tomb Raiders, etc.) This only one single skill may be learned in this manner, and cannot allow a Good Warband member to learn an Evil Warband’s skill, or vice-verse. +5gc

Musical- Whenever recruiting henchmen to existing groups, you may 1D3 experience pool when searching for available Experience. The max henchmen experience is still 12. May only be used if the hero was not taken out of action. +5gc

Strategist- During the set-up you may choose one: to reroll your dice roll when choosing table sides, OR reroll your dice when deciding order of set-up. +5gc

Closed Minded- May reroll one Fear test each turn. +5gc

Atlas’s Shoulders- The Hero may use any Armor he finds, and may start off the game with any armor from accepted Trading List for your Campaign setting (must pay for it as normal). Good Warbands cannot use Unholy armor, and vice-verse (ex. a Witch Hunter may not use Chaos Armor). +5gc, plus cost of Armor

Trademark Weapon – Your Hero may start off with any one Hand to Hand or Shooting Weapon from the Trading List, that he would otherwise be able to purchase. He (and he alone) does not need Weapons Training or Weapons Expert when wielding that specific type of weapon. Example: A Mercenary Captain starting with a Repeater Crossbow. (Note: the Trading List you may purchase from depends on your Campaign Setting’s Trading List, not necessarily the Mordheim list.) +5gc, plus cost of the Weapon.

Blacksmith – All hand-to-hand weapons count as having -2 Rarity. +5gc

Escape Artist- If your Hero is ever Captured or Sold to the Pits, you may choose to escape on a D6 roll of 4+. If in the Pits, you must choose to escape before deciding whether or not to fight (if you choose to fight and lose, you are still robbed). +5gc.

Hoarder- If your hero is rolls the result ‘Robbed’ or ‘Captured’, he has successfully hidden his items away before capture on a D6 roll of 2+. The items are kept safe, or should your hero not be returned, will be added to your equipment. If your roll the result ‘Sold to the Pit’, you may attempt to stash any number of items: however, those items will not be usable in the fight against the Pit Fighter, so choose carefully! +5gc

Tough As Nails – Your hero always adds +1 to the D66 Serious Injury roll whenever the hero is taken out of action. Applies only to the hero himself. +5gc

Drunken: The hero is inclined to drink vast quantities of noxious beer and looted wine and spirits before battle, working himself up into a drunken frenzy. Roll 1D6 at the start of each turn. On a roll of 1, he must test for stupidity that turn. On a roll of 2-5 nothing happens and on the roll of a 6 he becomes subject to frenzy for that turn. Whilst subject to both stupidity and frenzy he are immune to all other forms of psychology. May not be taken by models immune to Psychology (except for Slayers), and the model has no effect from drinking Bugmans, Elf Wine, Vodka, or similar alcohols (he’s drunk enough as is!) +5gc

Pet Lover – The hero may purchase a Wardog (equipment) at the warband’s creation for only 25gc, which represents a well loved pet that he owns. This may be taken by any hero, even Skaven (it is assumed to represent a giant rat-hound or something.) +5gc, with an additional +25 for the Wardog.

Hard Headed – The hero’s head is as thick as a fortress wall. He ignores the Concussion effect from hammers (or any other weapons that cause concussion.) May not be taken by Dwarves (as that would be way too redundant). +5gc

Night-owl – The Hero is particularly good at seeing in the dark. He may add +3 inches to his vision during Night and in Darkness (Sewers, tunnels, etc.) +5gc

Bodyguard – The hero may intercept chargers if he is within 3” of their Charge path, not just 2” of their charge path. +5gc

Deep Pockets – The hero is an expert of hiding treasure upon his person (and will occasionally even share with his teammates!) If the hero finds one or more wyrdstone shards (or similar small treasure tokens, like Valuables) but is then taken out of action, roll 1D6: on a 5+, he still retains a treasure shard, which is not dropped back onto the board. However, if the hero dies or is robbed in the postgame phase this game, the shard is still secreted in his clothing, and it is stolen/buried with the rest of his garments. +5gc

Slick – Whenever the hero ties with an opponent over Initiative in the Hand to Hand Combat phase, the Slick Hero will always win, rather than roll off. +5gc

Cartographer – If any game that the hero is able to participate in (i.e. not missing,) roll 1D6 before choosing the scenario: on a roll of 6, the hero may add +1 or -1 to the result to see which scenario is rolled (ex. Roll 7 {Skirmish} can become 6 {Occupy} or 8 {Breakthrough}). If your opponent also has a hero with a successful Cartographer (who also rolled a 6), then the warband with the lower rating is the only warband that can add +1 or -1 to the scenario roll this pre-game. This has no effect if the scenario roll result was a natural 2 or natural 12. +5gc

Gadgeter – The hero is constantly fiddling in his spare time, resulting in little gadgets of variable worth. At the end of every game that the hero wasn’t taken out of action, you may roll 1D6: on a 6, he has succeeded in making something. Any item made may be stockpiled or sold as normal. Roll 1D6:

1 – A Toy! When sold, yields 5gc profit.

2 – A bag of Flash Powder

3- A pistol

4- A load of Superior Gunpowder

5 – A Fire Bomb

6 – Choose one of the above

Gadgeter advantage is worth +10gc.

Indefatigable – The hero is an untiring machine. He can wear heavy armor and a shield without suffering movement penalty. +10gc

Forester – The hero may move through Forest Terrain without penalty. +10gc

Bushwhacker - The hero may move through Jungle Terrain without penalty. +10gc

Rock Climber – If encountering rocky terrain, the hero treats the difficulty of the terrain as one degree less challenging (i.e. difficult terrain becomes normal ground; very difficult terrain becomes difficult terrain.) Likewise when climbing up a natural rock/cliff face (but not buildings), the hero may reroll all failed climbing tests once, accepting the second result. +10gc

Cookie – The hero is not just a fighter, but also the warband’s cook. He’s pretty awful on his own, but he can start the campaign with a Halfling Cookbook for 30gc. Likewise, after start-up, you may also buy a Halfling cookbook for 30gc, with a successful Rarity search. The discounted book, however, becomes the personal equipment of the Cookie, and should he be robbed or killed, the Cookbook goes with the rest of his equipment. Like normal, your warband may only gain the bonus of one Halfling Cookbook at a time. +5gc, plus the +30gc cookbook.

Swimmer – When the hero is making ‘run’ moves, he may move across water as if it was normal terrain. Note that this does not apply when charging or making walking moves. +10gc

Patriot – If the hero is bearing a Banner of any kind (ex. Pirate Banner), the hero gains +1 Attack in the first round of combat. If the hero is frenzied, this extra attack is not doubled. +10gc

Blackpowder heritage: This warrior has grown up among blackpowder weapons. Any time he suffers a misfire, roll 1D6: on a 4+, the misfire is ignored. If your gaming group does not use the extra rules for blackpowder weapons, this warrior instead gains +1 Bs with a single blackpowder weapon of your choice (ex. pistol, dueling pistol, handgun, etc.) +10gc

Firebrand – The Hero starts each scenario equipped with a Torch. You may choose not to use it in any scenario. This torch may not be stockpiled, traded to another hero or player, nor sold. +10gc

Charming- Members of the opposite sex must pass a LD test the first time they wish to attack you in Close Combat. If they fail, they are at 6’s to hit in the first round of combat. Pass or fail, the model only has to test once, and fights as normal for the rest of the game. This advantage only works against enemies of the same Race, and has no effect against models Immune to Psychology. +10gc

Inspiring: You and all allies within 6" of you may re-roll the first Fear test you are required to make. +10gc

Lucky – Your hero may reroll a single dice roll each game. +10gc

Trickster – Your hero may reroll Leadership tests when Escaping from Combat, or from rallying from Fleeing. If he is a Leader, models may still use his Leadership even while he is fleeing. +10gc

Beloved – Once per game, when your Hero is shot at with Missile or Missile-like spell, any Friendly model within 2” who is not engaged in combat may move into the path of the projectile. If the roll to hit is a natural 6, the missile hit the intended target (for the sake of spells, roll a 1D6). Otherwise, it hits or misses the self-sacrificing model instead of its intended target. +10gc

Warlord - Once per game, you can inspire an allied model within 6" of you to gain a +1 to all rolls to hit that turn. Leaders Only. +10gc

Noble - Once per game, you may re-roll a rout test. Leaders Only. +10gc

Old Friends – The first time you hire a Hired Sword, that Hired Sword will always waive his first upkeep payment. Applies only to the first Hired Sword for the entire campaign. +10gc

Learned – Your Hero may start with any one Skill from the Academic List. +10gc

Mentor – Leaders only. After every battle that the leader participated in, roll a D6: on a 4+, you may give +1 Experience to the Hero in your warband with the lowest Experience that was fielded in that battle. +10gc

Bloodcrazed – The model adds +1D3” to all charges. +10gc

Foaming Mad- The Hero causes Fear (and thus, is immune to it too.) +10gc

Fast Healer – Whenever your Warrior is injured and rolls “Miss next game”, you may roll 1D6: on a 5+, he heals fast enough to join the next game. If you roll “Deep Wound”, roll for the last game he would miss. +10gc

Pennypincher - At the end of each game, gain a further +1D6gc due to penny pinching. +10gc

Born Rider – The Hero starts with the riding skill, ‘Ride ____’, for a mount of your choice. It must be a mount the hero can legally use. +10gc

Weapon Hurler – The hero gains access one of the following items, which he may purchase and use without Weapons Expoert: Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes or Javelins. They may learn Shooting Skills, but may never use any non-thrown weapon, even with the skill Weapons Expert.


Youthful Vigor – The hero has +1 Movement permanently added to his profile. May only be given to a hero that starts with 0 experience, and has a base movement of 5 or lower (before increase). +10gc

Resolute – You may add +1 to the number of people required to make your Warband at rout level (Ex. A warband that needed 3 casualties to rout now needs 4). Leaders Only. +15gc

Warped – Your Hero may start off with a single Mutation from the Possessed, Carnival of Chaos, or any other approved Mutation Lists. Chaotic and Skaven warbands only. May not be taken by models that may already take mutations. +15gc, plus cost of Mutation.

Versatile – The hero may choose an additional skill list (Combat, Shooting, Academic, Strength, or Speed), in addition to his normal skill lists. This list must be available to another member of the same warband that is also of the same race. (Ex. a Skaven Night Runner able to learn Speed Skills.) +15gc

Dabbler – The hero starts with a random spell from the Lesser Magic list. In the case of Good Warband, they may start with a random ‘Prayer of Sigmar’ instead (if the warband already has a Prayercaster, it MUST choose a prayer instead of a spell). They may not learn any further spells or prayers (unless they were otherwise able to). +15gc


Agoraphobia – The Hero starts with the skill ‘Pit Fighter’. However, whenever attempting to move from inside a Building or Ruin to an area outside the building, he must pass a Leadership Test. If your group extends the range of ‘Pit Fighter’ skill (ex. within 1” of a building), the phobia is extended to match it. May not be taken by models that are immune to psychology. +0gc.

Vengeful – Choose a race other than your own (Orc, Goblin, Skaven, Dwarf, Wood Elf, etc). Your leader now Hates members of that race. If he already hates the race (ex. A dwarf choosing an orc enemy), he gains +1 Attacks characteristics when in base-to-base contact with his hated foe, which must be used against a member of that race. However, while your hero is on the Board at the same time as member of the Hated race, you may never Voluntarily Rout, nor may you ally with them. +0gc.

Dare-Devil- Will always jump rather than climb down. When jumping or making Diving Charges, you may reroll each failed Initiative test ONCE each, accepting the second result. +0gc.

Merciless- Whenever an opponent is Captured (injury roll) or Prisoners are taken (Exploration Chart), the hero will never free the person, but instead kill them without regret. The hero gains +1 Experience for it, based on sacrificing them to a god, weeding information out of them, or even practicing killing blows on a live target. +0gc.

Defiant- Anytime your hero is charged, he will ignore ‘Fear’ or any other Psychology that would prevent him from attacking or standing his ground. However, he refuses to let anyone else fight his fight, and thus no models in his warband may intercept a charge directed against him (unless he is knocked down or stunned.) +0gc.

Compulsive Gambler- After each game, roll 1D6: on a 1-3, you lose 1D6x5gc from your treasury, selling Wyrdstone or Equipment if necessary to pay the difference. On a roll of 4-6, you gain 1D6x5gc. If the hero owns a Rabbit Foot that was not used during the Game or Exploration, you may use his Rabbit Foot (and no one elses!) to reroll a Gambling Roll. +0gc.

Sneaky Devil – The hero may make a leadership test during the movement phase. If passed, he may leave combat without being attacked, and may up to double Movement away from the enemy and in direction. If failed, he remains in combat, with no penalty. However, anytime the hero is in combat with two or more standing enemies, he must take a psychology test or attempt to flee. If he fails the test and attempts to flee, he takes a second Psychology test, following the same rules as above. +0gc.

Fop – The hero may start off the campaign with a Cathayan Silk Cloak for 50gc, and no rarity roll. While wearing Cathayan Silk, the hero may reroll all Leadership tests he is required to take once, accepting the second result (if the Leader, the Rout may only be rerolled once as normal, as the Cathayan Silk normally allows.) If the hero loses the Cathayan Silk, or it is destroyed, the hero takes a Leadership test before each game: if failed, the hero refuses to join the battle, and will sit out, pouting. He gains no experience for surviving and does not contribute in the exploration, but will join in on Rarity rolls after the game. Once the hero is wearing Cathayan Silk again, he will enter every game as normal. +0gc, +50 for the Cathayan Silk.

Superstitious- Choose of the two following items: Lucky Charm or Rabbit’s Foot. The hero starts with that free item at the start of the campaign. However, should he ever lose the item, or have it stolen from him, he will become a gibbering wreck. In any game that he doesn’t carry the item, he counts as suffering stupidity. Once the hero is wearing the said lucky item again, he returns to normal. Cannot be taken by a hero Immune to Psychology. +0gc

Idolater – The hero may purchase a (Un)Holy Relic at warband start up for only 15gc. While possessing the Relic, in addition to automatically passing the first Leadership test he is required to take, the hero will gain +1 Ld for all tests after it, to a max of 10 (meaning that he’s at +1 Ld for the rest of the game.) However, should he ever lose the item, the hero will be at -1 Leadership for the first Ld test is forced to make, and will have an additional -1 Ld for each test after that during this game, to a minimum of 5. (Meaning the first test is at -1 Ld, the second at -2, the third, at -3, etc. For the next game, it restarts at -1.) This effect will continue each game until the hero regains another Holy Relic. Once the hero has a replacement Relic, he will return back to +1 Leadership, as mentioned at the beginning of this ability. +0gc, +15 additional gc for the Relic.

Peg Leg – the Hero starts out with a Peg Leg (with rules from the Pirate Warband.) The hero permanently has -1 Movement, but gains a 6+ Ward Save against all wounds and injuries. Also, if he suffers a Leg Wound or Smashed Leg, roll 1D6: on a 4+ the injury is ignored. +0gc, with an additional +8gc for the Peg Leg itself.

Philanderer – The hero is used to scampering up drain pipes in order to pop into lady’s chamber windows. He starts with the skill ‘Scale Sheer Surfaces’. However, in any postgame that the Hero survived without being taken out of action, roll 1D6: on a 1-3, the hero is too busy pitching woo to be useful, and he cannot search for Rare items in this Postgame phase. +0gc

Pitiable – The Hero starts with -1WS & -1BS permanently removed from their stats. However, any time the hero is stunned or knocked down, any opponent wishing to strike the hero in hand-to-hand combat must wrestle with their sense of pity for this pathetic creature. In order to attack the hero in hand-to-hand combat when he is knocked down or stunned, the attacker must first be able to pass a Leadership test; if failed they cannot attack the hero or any other injured models this turn. ‘Pitiable’ has no effect against models that are immune to psychology, and all Skaven & Goblins count as having +1 Leadership when making Pity tests (they’re nasty little buggers!) +0gc

Born Sidekick – Must be given to a hero with the lowest experience, or tied to the lowest experience. When ‘Born Sidekick’ is given to a hero, immediately pick another hero that he looks up, who he sees as ‘Mentor’: whenever the Mentor is deployed on the map, the Sidekick will always be deployed within 3” of him. This may, of course, allow you to drop the Sidekick in places that he normally wouldn’t be allowed to be deployed (ex. if the Mentor has Infilitrate.) Likewise, if the Mentor is deployed with the skill Hunch or with a Catacomb map, the Sidekick may be deployed with him (allowing you to drop 4 models in the middle of the map instead of 3.) However, if the Mentor misses a game for any reason other than death, the Sidekick is deployed as normal, but may not do anything during his first turn (except defend himself), as he stands around, depressed. If the Mentor dies, the Sidekick will mope (i.e. do nothing) for the next 1D3 games; afterward, he will move on with this grief, and play and be deployed as normal. +0gc

Charitable – Leader only. The head of the warband is famous for giving a portion of the profits to those in need… a foolish gesture, but one that makes him well loved indeed. Whenever selling wyrdstone, always treat your warband as one size larger than you are (ex. a warband with 7-9 members would be treated as a 10-12 warband) In exchange, whenever hiring Henchmen to join existing henchmen groups, roll 3D6 for your experience pool, instead of 2D6. Also, when hiring the experienced henchmen, pay only 1gc for each experience they have, instead of 2gc each. +0gc

Pack Rat – Place a mark on every item owned (at warband set-up) or used later by the hero; those items may never be sold while the hero is still in the warband, nor given to another player. Those items may still be traded amongst heroes in your warband, but may never voluntarily leave the warband or the stored equipment while the hero is in it. However, the hero may carry an extra hand-to-hand weapon or an extra missile weapon with him, above the normal restrictions. +0gc


Temperance – Your hero may not drink any Alcohol (Bugman’s Ale, Elven Wine) nor use any Drugs. May not be taken by models that are immune to drugs. -5gc

Good Sport – Your hero may never use Poison, nor use any Drugs. May not be taken by models that are immune to drugs. -5gc

Awkward- This warrior almost solely uses his one hand, and he suffers from -1 to his Weapon Skill with any weapon wielded in his off-hand. -5gc

Aquaphobia – The hero must take a Leadership test any time he attempts to enter water or a boat (the model has no problems with bridges.) May not be taken by a hero that starts the game Immune to Psychology. -5gc (-10gc in the Sartosa Campaign!)

Acrophobia – The hero suffers -1 to all Climbing Rolls. -5gc

Drinker- Your Hero permanently has -1 Weapon Skill and -1 Ballistic Skill (this does not lower racial max). However, the hero is now immune to Fear and to All Alone Tests. Also, should he ever play the scenario ‘Last Orders’, you may choose to have the hero (and that hero alone) take an extra turn, before the first player takes his first turn (the drunk was ready for that fight!) -5gc

Royal Sendoff- The hero demands a fancy funeral should he die, and nothing will stop him from it. If the Leader ever dies, you must pay an extra 3D6gc, selling Wyrdstones (etc) if necessary to pay the costs. If that is still not enough, merely empty all of the Gold Crowns in the Treasury. -5gc

Reckless- Whenever your model is in Charge range of an enemy model, you must pass a Leadership Test or be forced to charge. Also, in every turn, he must move towards the nearest enemy model, taking the path of least resistance. -5gc

Self-serving- Your hero may never intercept charges without first passing a Leadership test. -5gc

Bad History- Your Hero is disliked in the public eye. Any time you wish to hire a Hired Swords, you must make a Hero pass an Initiative test, just like looking for a DP. The looking Hero may not search for traded goods the same postgame that he searched for a hired sword. -5gc

Erratic: Automatically strikes last when tied for initiative. -5gc

Dear John – The hero has a lady love back home, but not for much longer. Roll 1D6 before each game that the Hero would be deployed in: on a roll of 1, the hero receives a heartbreaking letter, and sits the entire game out, as well as the Exploration and Post game. Once the hero has missed a game, he will not miss any further games for the entire campaign due to the ‘Dear John’ disadvantage. -5gc

Spendthrift - After any battle, you must cash in all Wyrdstone/ Valuables/ Waystones/ Cargo into Gold Crowns. In Sartosa/ Athel Loren respectively, you may open/use a Cargo/Acorn Item first before selling. May not be taken by Ostlanders. -5gc

Creepy: The other members of the warband find the hero a bit… spooky. During warband set-up, no other friendly models (unless they are Immune to Psychology) may be deployed within 6” of the hero. -5gc

Compulsive Whistler- Whenever hidden, any opposing model trying to search for him may add +3” to their Initiative, so see if they can detect him. -5gc

Pet Hater – May only be taken by a warband that can have animals as henchmen (ex. warhounds, giant rats, cold one hounds, etc.) The hero loathes the animals he’s forced to work with, and can never be deployed within 6” of a friendly animal. Likewise, if the hero is a Leader or becomes a Leader, the animals in your warband may never use his Leadership for Leadership tests. -5gc

Hidden Fear – Your hero has the following hidden fear, which is a little more obscure than the average phobias. This may not be taken by a hero is immune to fear or is immune to psychology. Roll 1D6 to see what the hidden fear is:

1 – Rats – The hero is afraid of Giant Rats. (Cannot be taken by Skaven heroes!)

2 – Dogs –The warrior is afraid of wardogs, war hounds, and similar canines.

3 – Snakes – The hero is afraid of snakes. If not playing a Khermi, Lustria, Relics, or similar campaign that might include a Snake Charmer HS or Snakes in the Bestiary, reroll this fear.

4- Fire – the hero may never wield a torch or a flaming brazier, and any model that carries either counts as causing fear to your hero.

5 – The Dark – In any scenario in which the hero is in darkness (nighttime scenario, underground, etc), the hero must make a leadership test each turn. If he fails, the hero may do nothing except fight in hand to hand combat. The hero no longer has to take these tests if he becomes immune to fear, or is carrying an illuminating object (lantern, torch, dwarf’s mining helmet, etc.)

6- Midgets! – The hero has an irrational fear of midgets! While they are not midgets, your hero is also afraid of Halflings.

Hidden Fear Notes: If playing a normal player vs. player campaign, the hero’s ‘hidden’ fear is a matter of public knowledge. However, if your gaming group has a GM, your group may permit the player to start the campaign with the fear being a secret between the hero’s owner and the GM. Of course, if the other players don’t stumble upon the fear by themselves, the GM might have to engineer a way for the fear to show itself after a few games (heh heh heh.) -5gc

Scatterbrained: Before each Movement turn, roll a die. On a roll of a 1, your hero moves maximum distance in a random direction (use the scatter die). If this causes you to run into an enemy model, it counts as a Charge. Note: this movement will not cause you to injure yourself (running off a building,) etc. In the event, the hero stops 1” away from the edge/threat). After this test has been failed once, you need not roll again until next game. -10gc

Forgetful- Before each game, roll 1D6 for the hero: on a roll of 1, the hero has forgotten a random item that they were equipped with. After the battle, the equipment is added back to the Hero’s equipment roster once again. -10gc

Clumsy- Anytime your Leader rolls a Natural 1 on his roll to hit, roll a D6: on a 4+, you have dropped the weapon, and must fight with a dagger or unarmed with that hand for the rest of the combat. -10gc

Disorderly- Your warband is hard to motivate into action, and seldom plan ahead. During the set-up of any game, roll a D6: on a roll of 1-3, your Warband chooses table side last. On a Roll of 4-6, your Warband is the first to set-up your warband on the board. -10gc

Jinxed- At the start of each game, choose a Random Opponent: at any One point during the game, that player may force your hero to reroll a single successful dice roll. If you and that player become Allied, the reroll ability is passed to a different random opponent, if that player did not use it. -10gc

Poor Stamina- Every time the hero attempts to run, roll 1D6: on a 1, the hero instead moves only 1D3”, and spends the rest of the turn gasping for breath. The hero may not cast spells or shoot this turn. -10gc

Glutton: The Leader’s a portly fellow and love to indulge in the various eateries around Mordheim. You must pay a 1D6gc after each game. -10gc

Glory Hound- No henchmen in your Warband may charge an opposing model unless a hero in your warband has declared a charge already or is already in combat. -10gc

Proud - May never voluntarily rout until 50% of the warband is taken out of action while the Leader is still on the board. In addition, the hero may never voluntarily flee from combat, and may not have models intercept any charges directed at him. Leaders only -10gc

Cowardly: Must take a Leadership test before charging any enemy models, unless the enemy model is already engaged. -10gc

Discordant – At the start of your first turn of the game, all of your Henchmen must make Animosity rolls (see ‘Da Mob’ warband for rules.) This only applies for the first turn, after which, your hero has finally turned his warband around. May not be taken by Orcs, or any other warband that already suffers animosity. -10gc

Wanted Man- If captured by an opponent, your opponent may choose to sell the hero to the authorities, removing him from the campaign. If so, the hero is worth 1D6x10 gc to the sellers. -10gc

Fractious - No Heroes may use his Leadership when taking Psychology tests. Leaders only. -10gc

Unpopular- No Henchmen may use his Leadership when taking Psychology tests. Leaders only. -10gc

Near Sighted – The hero cannot use any missile weapons. May only be taken by a hero that has access to and would be able to use three or more missile weapons. -10gc

Draconian- No Heroes or Henchmen may use his Leadership when taking Psychology tests. Leaders only. -15gc

Old Battle Wound- At the start of every game, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Hero must miss the game completely. -15gc

Ailing- After every battle that includes your Hero, roll 2D6: on a natural roll of 2, the Hero succumbs a little more to the sickness within him. Roll on the Hero advancement chart, rerolling any rolls of ‘Skill’ or any stat that is already at 1 or lower: that stat is permanently reduced by -1. In the case of ‘Weapon skill / ballistic skill’, randomly determine which it affects, rather than choosing. -15gc

Stupidity – The hero suffers Stupidity. -15gc

Drug Addict: In any game that the hero hasn’t taken a dose of Crimson Shade, his Strength and Toughness are both reduced by 1 for this game only. At warband start up, the hero has a dose of Crimson Shade, which may be used by the addicted hero during the first game and the first game only (but only the first one’s free, heh heh heh.) Do not roll for side effects after the hero takes any further Crimson Shade, as he’s as addicted as they get. May not be taken by models that are immune to drugs. -15gc

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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Mon 28 Sep 2009 - 18:59

BTW, some of you might recognize this from the ol' SG forum. It's the same list, though I've added a few pages on to it.

OOps! forgot to add the most important limitation:

And if you couldn't tell, the rules are for casual groups, rather than highly competitive groups. If a competitive group wanted to try them out, I suggest they use the following limitation:

~The net cost of all advantages & disadvantages cannot be greater than _____ (insert number here... 0, +15, +25, whatever your group decides)

Also, if you have some you want to add, go ahead and post 'em!
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cool i like it
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Styrofoamking, i love that idea Very Happy .
While there are obvious ways to abuse that list, i think that in a friendly group and with some appropriate restrictions (like the ones you suggested tailored to the warbands and playstyle of the group) this could add tons of fun to games, heck even to warband creation!
I´ll have to see if i can come up with something to add bounce .
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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 0:05

This is fantastic, now I'll have to get my group to include them Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 2:38

Well, i came up with an idea of my own for a mixed blessing:

Fanatic of Sigmar– Leader only. Witchhunters, Sisters of Sigmar and Protectorate of Sigmar only.
The leader of the warband is famous for his strong faith in Sigmar – and for being a fanatical foe of the corrupting influence of chaos and the foul practice of necromancy. The leader gains +1 on his attack rolls against all models of a chaos or undead affiliated warband (Cult of the Possessed, Beastmen, Marauders of Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, Undead, Necrarch and similar warbands) in any turn he charges. This even combines with hatred if both are in effect. In addition he automatically passes any fear rolls because of his strong faith.
There are some drawbacks however. In games against chaos or undead affiliated warbands the leader must reroll any failed rout tests and the warband can never rout voluntarily. +0gc
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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Wed 1 Sep 2010 - 20:27

Could work. Kinda late now, so I'll crunch the numbers in a bit (to see it if comes out dead even).

To be honest, I think "can never voluntarily rout" is DANGEROUS addition, as losing your last hero can drop your income from 35 to 0. I recommend "may not rout while the Fanatic is on the board."

Maybe make it more broad, too
Good warbands - fanatic about Chaos (mutants, possessed, & demons), Necro (true undead), Dark Elves, Greenskins, etc.
Neutral - Animals, Lizardmen
Evil - Priests, High/Wood elves, Dwarves, etc

Or, maybe ignore the good/bad/neautral thing and make it apply to anything. Maybe there's a Sigmar priest who hate other priests (they're not a pure as himself!), or a Dwarf who takes his Elf-Grudge to the point of fanaticism. Might be fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   Mon 20 Sep 2010 - 23:07

This is a great idea. I am totally going to take your idea and present it to my group.
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PostSubject: Re: Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On   

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Personalities - A Start-Up Optional Add-On
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