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 Noize Hive Painting Service

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PostSubject: Noize Hive Painting Service   Mon 28 Sep 2009 - 11:40

Hi guys,

I'm Otto Munoz of Noize Hive Painting and I would like to paint your minis.

We all have a pile of plastic or metal that is aching for a nice paint job. Some of us just don't have the time though. Work, school and life get in the way of our hobby at times.

That's where I come in. I'm offering good prices for better quality for the minis you send me. I paint Sci-Fi, Historical and Fantasy miniatures of all manufacturers and historical periods.
I use GW and Privateer Press paints.

Unit Figures - $1.50 each
Single figure or Leader - $2.25 each
Mounted figure- $2.25 each
Artillery with crew - $5 each
Large Artillery/Vehicle - $8 each

Unit figures - $5-6 each
Single figure or leader - $8-10 each
Mounted figure - $9 each
Vehicles - vary on size of the vehicle
Artillery - vary on size

Minimum order is $40
Basing is extra.
Note that these prices are guidelines and exact quotes may be a bit more or less depending on the quality desired and/or detail of the miniature.

Contact me at zamyas2003@yahoo.com or see my blog for more information

Here are some samples of my work.
15mm British Napoleonics

15mm Spanish Napoleonics


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Noize Hive Painting Service
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