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 WTT marines

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Barden The Butcher

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PostSubject: WTT marines   Sat 9 Feb 2008 - 10:14

Right i need necrons, and am willing to trade Beakies
trade only as i have no cash

got 2 rhinos
1 terminator squad (assault cannon + chainfist)
1 dreadnaught (assault cannon + fist)
1 Termi lord (thunderhammer + shield + stormbolter)
1 6man tac squad (multi melta + meltagun)
1 6man tac squad (lascannon + flamer)
1 10man tac squad (rocket launcher + flamer)
5 Sniper scouts (1 rocket launcher)
6 close combat scouts (1 heavy bolter)
1 beakie commander (stormbolter + lightning claw)
1 librairian
1 attack bike (multi melta)
1 bike serg

all are painted salamander colours except the last rhino which is half made

pm with offers if any ^_^
not very orky tho
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Admin Tom

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PostSubject: Re: WTT marines   Wed 2 Apr 2008 - 18:49

Old or new Rhinos?

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WTT marines
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