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 Hi everybody!

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PostSubject: Hi everybody!   Wed 16 Sep 2009 - 5:58

Hi there!
I'd like to join your community here.
I've been occupying myself with WHFB for quite a while as I came across it some 15 years ago so I was in when Mordheim saw the light of day. But at that time I was interested in the game only on gaming level, not bothering with the story or background (though I realy liked the miniatures) - and that was obviously great mistake. So there it was - the game as ti is, without story and atmosphere seem to me not so iteresting, as it too often depended more on luck, then tactical skills (compared with WHFB), so I lost interest quite early.
In fact I began with wargaming mostly because of painting and modelling in the first place. This was the reason, why I still stumbled over Mordheim minis, cause there are in most cases so amazing, with much more tension, then ordinary r&f models. So once, about year ago, as I was going through some Morhdeim minis gallery I decided to ged back to it. But this time I started with the story and all the background, as I realized it is one of the main points the game is about. So I dived into it and consecvently have fallen into love with this game and rediscovered the real value of Mordheim in all leveles. Ironically it happened in time, when most of the minis are unreachable, with no more official support..for my bad...
Nowadays I'm big fan of this game (almost forgetting about my WHFB armies ), and I spend lot of time (even too much time some times.. my girlfriend could tell ) painting, converting and sculpting warbands and terrain. With friends we are also runnig campaign with some house rules along.
So here I'd like to share the interest about this game and some of my work, probably discusse some rules and look for inspiration.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi everybody!   Wed 16 Sep 2009 - 6:13

After SUCH a LONG journey, WELCOME ABOARD Cool Tom's But Surprisingly Inspirational Mordheim Forum. Enjoy a LONG & PLEASANT stay!
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Hi everybody!
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