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 Hi all

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PostSubject: Hi all   Mon 7 Sep 2009 - 2:26

before i got into Mordheim/Warhammer, I was crazy over just 40k and my Ork army, Even then back when I was 8 years old i've always liked Warhammer and Me, My Bro, and My Dad's HUGE Mixed faction evil army, consisting of almost of ALL the factions in Warhammer of Destruction(which now is gone), plus with other huge army of The Empire and Bretonnia(that we still have), Years later meaning now, I am almost 17. I having a feeling that Warhammer isn't as popular as before. It feels 40k is on the Top and more people play that than Warhammer, with that thought ,now i've made my mind up.

I am going to keep my 40k Orks. but set them aside for now, and like before when my family had the massive army of destruction, my most favorite faction was The Warriors of Chaos. And now Winds of Chaos tell me to do what I have done before. Death to all and all to Death.

lol i like to get carried away. but I have also seen alot Terrain websites, (thanks to cianty) I want to make a Village, My Big Brother wants it from Paper terrain, I said ok, but I want the resin buildings from all these sites I have found. There is alot to make a small village. Because my thought is without terrain, you have less feel of the game. You have the miniatures fighting, and I create a movie in my head of how they fight. I like thinking like that. With terrain you get a better movie in your head.

So I will have a gang of Chaos Warriors, but also a huge army and lots of buildings. I don't have this Army yet. but I will.

I will. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Hi all   Mon 7 Sep 2009 - 2:56

As a Fellow Cinematic gamer...WELCOME to Tom the A's Sleep ly Photogenic Mordheim Forum. Have a LONG & MERRY stay! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Hi all   Mon 7 Sep 2009 - 4:53

Welcome, Xeno! Enjoy your stay!

So what are you planning on playing? Marauders of Chaos? bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Hi all   

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Hi all
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