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 Alternate BTB Rule-Idea for Campaigns / Questions

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PostSubject: Alternate BTB Rule-Idea for Campaigns / Questions   Fri 4 Sep 2009 - 1:15


my english is not so well, but I hope I am understandable...

Based on BTB I would like to start a camapign here in my region with ca. 10 players. ATM I am cusious how many sessions you usually need for a BTB-campaign? 20? 40? 60?

My Idea
I think about a rule-change for searching in the ruins and the rules of "Copy Cat" (If I rolls two "ones", etc.):

We will have I our setting 3 oder 4 areas, like BTB. Eachy area should have his special copy-cat-ruleset (list of contents, what can happens)

Also... Each warband, who has a copy cat (like 11) rolls a D66+his campaign-points.

I would like with these solution to have different specials based on area and based on capaign-progress.

These list should have in the lower part (d66 = 6-21 only 2 entrys and in the higher end (66+)) more special-entrys.

What is you opinion about these Idea?

Regards from Germany,

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Alternate BTB Rule-Idea for Campaigns / Questions
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