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 Falling from a bulding in combat

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PostSubject: Re: Falling from a bulding in combat   Tue 1 Sep 2009 - 8:03

I was about to say what Popmouth did. This is EXPERIENCE, not "Killing Points". It represents learning and becoming more powerful. If I push a guy off a ledge and he falls to his death, it is a direct result of my action and so I'm still learning from that experience.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling from a bulding in combat   Tue 1 Sep 2009 - 8:48

I totally agree with Svenn, it could not have been said in better words. Sir, yes sir!

Should one need to lawyer about the situation I agree we're talking about "house rule" or "ruling" (thank you DaBank!), no doubt... While technically gaining experience in this way is not specified in the rules, I think this is the "wise" way to handle the situation.
Sure that 1 XP may make the difference in a campaign, but I guess it tends to be the result of some (rare) daring or spectacular action (very mordheimy and cinematic), like something rewarding and punishing (on opposite sides) for taking the battle to such risky heights, so I'd never call this house rule unbalanced or cheesy or whatyoucallit.

If it was me in Mordheim ( pale No ), I would at least try to shoot my crossbow at that pesky sniper up the belltower... Sigmar be praised, let him bite the pain and fall down, if not die with a bolt in his eyesocket...
Or sure I'll try to push the damn smelly ratman back down in his hole battering on his shield instead of fencing for the weak spot in his rusty armour... it'll take him a while to come out again, at least, maybe enough for me to go face his fellows and hopefully turn the daily round at the tavern, bragging with comrades and a fine Bugman's drunken (not to say a few more shards in the band's chest and a few more coins in my pocket! bounce )...

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Falling from a bulding in combat
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