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 Draxonicar's Tomb Guardian Battle Reports/Deeds of Merit

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PostSubject: Draxonicar's Tomb Guardian Battle Reports/Deeds of Merit   Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 15:12

Hey, this is my battl report thread, where my cursed company tomb guardian arbands encounters will be recorded


My army: Tomb lord farao with great weapon and bow+asp arrows
2 acolytes with axes
1 liche priest :magister: with staff

2 tomb guardians with maces and bows
3 skeletons with 2 axes 1 sword 3 bows

first match today: Tomb Guardians (town crier ones)vs Dwarves

ok, so my liche priest rolled the scroll of scarab song which proved to be innstrumental in the battle

I started behind a wall, he started with crossbows behind cover and rest in open.

he sent in his men and got LOS with crossbows on my skeletons behind the wall , knocked one down.

my turn, I cast the scarab song* and roll a 4, 1 hits and he rolls a six, taken OOO. can't shoot this turn, skeleton gets back up. 3 warriors and a thane that were waiting near the wall getting shot at and knocked down but getting up (stupid 'ard to kill...) thane crawls away after getting knocked don, 1 warrior charges. misses with both hammers on my tomb guard, gets a hammer to the face and gets taken OOO. my turn, I back up and take shots at the warriors. his next turn he routs from the 2 losses

*the spell is difficulty 6 and th target gets swarms of beetles on him, h cant attack or b attacked until the end of my turn, if in CC he is moved 1 inch away. target gets d6 s1 attacks...but since they automatically hit and they are s1...if I wound, its a critical hit....I rolled a 4 for the hits, and 1 of the 4 rolls was a 6, and on serious injury he rolled a 6.

any questions or comments? this was just a 1-shot game we did to get used to mordheim some.

next time he says he might gt a trollslayer to take out my tomb lord (150 crowns of t5 s4 ws4 bs3 w3 and great weapon+bow and Asps) to weaken me, and that he won't suicidally charge me next time (don't underestimate tomb guards!)
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PostSubject: Re: Draxonicar's Tomb Guardian Battle Reports/Deeds of Merit   Sat 22 Aug 2009 - 7:37

Welcome to the forums! Congrats on the win! Fear the dwarf if he ever learns his warband's rules for he will just shoot thee.

I appreciate the report because I'm always curious as to how others play the game. I'm not trying to criticize but some rules were not used properly. This is not a big deal because everyone mangles the rules when learning to play a new game and sometimes the mangling will go on for years until some one points it out. (My group played the pistol rules wrong for 7 years or so... Oops.)

Magic spells can not cause critical hits. So your wound on the Dwarf was just a normal wound, but a roll of 6 on the injury table definitely takes him out, so good job!

Scarab Song is a difficulty 7. You cite your roll to cast as a 4. A roll of a 4 is a failure to cast. The difficulty number or higher must be rolled. So the spell would be cast on a 7+ on 2d6. (Getting this right is really important for those hard to cast Difficulty 10 spells!)

The number of hits caused by Scarab Song is 2d6 not d6. Its still a mean spell but once the Dwarves advance a bit it will become useless against those T5 heroes. (St 1 can't wound T5.)

Looking forward to more tales of your adventures!
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Draxonicar's Tomb Guardian Battle Reports/Deeds of Merit
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