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 Ogre kingdoms Army Trade Sale

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PostSubject: Ogre kingdoms Army Trade Sale   Tue 18 Aug 2009 - 4:44

Hey i have an unpainted mostly glued but with sprues still ogre army that i either want to trade for 40 ork bits or a different fantasy army or lizzardmen or sell please pm if your interested or want further information

2 units of 24 gnoblars
3 metal yhettees
14 bulls
8 iron guts
4 leadbelchers
8 gnoblar trappers

According to GW Uk its around 170 worth - will split for things if people dont want everything

also have a possessed warband unpainted but its a Cians at the momemt will be going there tommorow night for model count if any one is after that

im UK based also if that helps with any one interested

cheers martin
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Ogre kingdoms Army Trade Sale
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