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 Flying rat and battle shots

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PostSubject: Flying rat and battle shots   Sat 1 Aug 2009 - 5:28

I finished painting my winged rat:

As a bonus, here's some gaming shots from when my skaven battled the wizards of folketsfiende:

Advancing skaven. Up on the bridge thingy you can (almost) see my night runner with a crossbow.

Cautious approach of the wizards:

Scuffle on the edge:
Shirifig the Dominator (black skaven with flail, 3 attacks and Mighty Blow, S7 on the charge Very Happy) have just taken out his foe, and will soon survive 8 Silver arrows of Arha, as well as three other arrows.

Hunting for wyrdstone in the old church:
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PostSubject: Re: Flying rat and battle shots   Sat 1 Aug 2009 - 5:39

The Winged Rat from HELL turned out GREAT; it could have just escaped from a Blanche illustration. A CLEVER IDEA; VERY WELL DONE! thumbsup

The way to this Old Man's heart is photos of minis on GREAT LOOKING gaming boards. EXCELLENT PHOTOS; Thanks MUCHO! thumbsup
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Flying rat and battle shots
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