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 Children of Chaos

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PostSubject: Children of Chaos   Wed 17 Jun 2009 - 14:30


A couple of people from my gaming group (including me) started a project a while ago, in which everyone makes some chaos cult.
we have a tread on warseer, and I'd like some of your opinions. http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179904

..and by a roll of the dice you go under..
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PostSubject: Re: Children of Chaos   Thu 18 Jun 2009 - 2:56

I did a quick scan of THE PROJECT...VERY IMPRESSIVE! You're hanging out with some Ubertalented Lads. I ESPECIALLY liked the Death Guard. Your Rhino IS VERY COOL! I'll have to go back for a more prolonged visit to fully appreciate ALL the GREAT stuff. VERY WELL DONE! thumbsup
Chaos Space Marine ARE JUST SO MUCH COOLER than the Loyalist Guys.
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Children of Chaos
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