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 Tom Don't Kill me

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PostSubject: Tom Don't Kill me   Fri 31 Aug 2007 - 14:00

Ok so i had in mind maybe some kind of chat function?

if ppl storm with yea good idea go for it...tom consider it before killing me thx

Hellfoot Shocked
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Admin Tom

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PostSubject: Re: Tom Don't Kill me   Sun 2 Sep 2007 - 7:03

My dear Hellfoot, I'm not THAT fast at killing people Very Happy

Don't worry, I am happy to read your ideas... after all, why do you think this is called an "opinion box"?

Now to talk about your idea of a chat:

I already had that once on my blog. It was called a "Shoutbox". People could leave instant messages without registering on a small side-window of the blog. It looked a little like MSN messenger (only in black and yellow).

I took it off again because it wasn't very useful. People would not really use this shoutbox. Partly because it only memorized 15 replys and because it was limited to ~80 signs per post.

The forum solution is better in my opinion, because it allows peolple to create "topics", post pics, write as much as they want and above all, a forum STORES this information. So people poping in 3 months later will still be able to read your ideas! You don't have that in a chat.
Plus: If anyone wants to chat with me or another member, he is more than welcome to use MSN. My MSN address is given in my profile and under every post. Feel free to use it! Smile

That's why I will probably not make a "chat" option for the forum...

But thanks again for the ideas and the great feedback! You did the right thing. Very Happy
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Tom Don't Kill me
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