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PostSubject: bases   Tue 12 May 2009 - 8:33

Copy from the Troll Forged forum.
[quote author=matt board=wip thread=501 post=9890 time=1242055072]hey!

this is my first set of bases. if troll forged is willing to cast them, I'll probably make more. enjoy, and C+C please Smile

the fences at the sides can be removed for casting purposes. and sorry for the O&G book in the background. I placed it there since it was quite windy.[/quote]

so as you can read, it's going to be my first cast on the market Smile

..and by a roll of the dice you go under..
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PostSubject: Re: bases   Tue 12 May 2009 - 9:34

If I were you, (which luckily I'm not I wouldn't know what to do with the hairdo!) I would try and flatten them out a bit... now they're just balls of GS laying about, but if you make them a bit flat, and more connected, they'd look more like Cobblestone streets... but nice projects!

We still need to get together and fix some casts aye!
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