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 Input appreciated on experimental warband rules

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PostSubject: Input appreciated on experimental warband rules   Tue 21 Apr 2009 - 17:01

I'm currently working on warband rules for my alternative Japanese Mordheim, and I'm interested in some feedback on balancing special rules for the warbands.

For the villager/peasant warband, I'm thinking of having a special rule called "scavangers", where they can somehow scavange items from dead warriors. However, I'm unsure how strong a special rule this would be over a campaign, so I'm not sure how strong I should make it. Right now, I thinking of something in the line of "if an enemy warrior is killed in a fight against the peasants, there is a chance that the battlefield looters that follow them have scavanged their equipment. The peasant player can nominate one item or weapon per killed enemy, and on a roll of 4+ they can purchase it for half the normal price from the scavangers".

However, looking at the reikslander and middenheimer lists this sounds like a pretty weak special ability. But again, I've only played one off games, not entire campaigns. Any good ideas for changing the rule? Or should I keep it and maybe add a secondary skill to make them stronger? They'll be physically weaker than the samurai warbands so they might need all the help they can get...
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PostSubject: Re: Input appreciated on experimental warband rules   Tue 21 Apr 2009 - 21:09

Taken out of context of the rest of the warband, it's hard to judge the balance of such a skill. A powerful scavenging skill exists for the Hochland Bandits warband which would certainly be overpowered in many other warbands, but since the bandits have many weaknesses, the skill actually helps to balance the warband overall.

I'd work on churning out a complete first draft of the warband, then you can worry about the strengths of the individual skills (such a procedure is currently going on with a Night Goblins warband).
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Input appreciated on experimental warband rules
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